Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Last Soccer Game

Preston's last soccer game was an away game. In the afternoon. On a hot day.

Still he was excited! Preston loves soccer!

By some miracle, we were not only on time. We were early. Say what!

Brad headed out to the field to practice with Preston.

Then the team practiced while we waited for the opposing team to show up.

And practiced and waited some more.

Before we finally realized that the other team wasn't going to show up.  What is that?!

Our team decided that since we were there we weren't going to waste the chance to play.  So we decided to scrimmage!

Look at those boys playing hard!

Preston even scored a goal!  Go Preston!  We were so proud!!

Even though it was hot and they were playing each other they played hard!  As evidenced by all the boys red faces!

Ryan even got in on the action!

They were all rewarded for their hard work with popsicles from the coach's wife!

We have had a great season!

And it's not over yet!  The team gets to play in a tournament next weekend!

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