Sunday, May 19, 2013

Soccer Tournament

Preston's soccer team played their last games in a weekend tournamanet.

They had a total of three games over the course of two days.

To say that Preston was excited to play would be an understatement.

The only bummer was that Brad had to work all weekend so he couldn't make it. Boo!

We were not expecting it to be as busy as it was at the field for the games.  It was pure craziness!  Thankfully Marrissa was with us so while I found parking she took Preston to his field to practice with his team before the game.

I got there just in time to watch the end of practice and settle in for the Wild Bats first game of the tournament!

During his breaks Preston thought it made sense for him to take my seat.  Putting me on the ground.  I figured it really didn't make a difference either way since the chair was so low to the ground there wasn't much difference.  Plus it's not like he wasn't working up a sweat playing!

Then it was back to the game!

The Wild Bats played hard.  Preston was so into the game.  It was cute.  He was even walking the sidelines when he was out.  Just couldn't sit still.

The kids had a little under three hour break before the next game.

We headed home for snacks.  Preston decided apparently there wasn't enough soccer happening this weekend and decided to head out back and practice some more.  He even dragged Auntie Rissa out to play against him.

Before we headed back to the fields.

Somehow both teams that we ended up playing on Saturday were wearing green.  Totally random.

Game number two.

Preston scored a goal in this game!  He was so dang excited about it.  He told everyone how he scored a "high corner goal"!  I was so proud of him!

After the game the whole team headed to Shakey's pizza to celebrate!

Preston's coach and his wife had put together little certificates and FroYo giftcards for each of the kids.  I can't say enough about how awesome our coach was!  Preston loved playing soccer this go around and playing for the team that he played for and learning as much as he did and his coach played a huge part in that!  Thanks Coach Shanks!

Our final game of the weekend was at 8am on Sunday morning.

It was rough.

I was a little worried about how it would go.  We are not morning people.  And while I can suck it up and get up and get ready, Preston really doesn't do mornings.  He gets mad some pre-k days when I wake him up at 8:30am.  And we had to be on the field at 7:45am!

Luckily we all survived.  Preston was excited enough about soccer that he got up and dressed and had a pretty good attitude about the whole getting up at the crack of dawn thing.

Marrissa wasn't nearly as excited.  The fact that she thought it was cold out didn't really help.

You'd think the kids would have been a little sluggish with it being an early game and their third game of the weekend and the team being down to only four players, you'd be wrong!  They were all over the field!

We had an AWESOME season and we can't wait to play again in the Fall!

Go Wild Bats!!

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