Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Say What Preston?!

"Baby teeth still chew good."


"That boy wants that pretty girl in the song huh?"


Preston:  "Mama did you notice that those people at that ghetto park will be good if I be good there.  I will teach them no littering and be nice."

Me:  "What will you teach them?"

Preston:  "That being naughty is not the way to handle things and to say stuff nicely."

There is this park that Preston always asks to go to when we stop at Walmart but every single time we stop there something ridiculous happens so I refuse to play there anymore.  Unfortunately the park itself can be fun, it's just that the other people there are always a little sketchy.


"Yeah but they won't let me show them how good I already am!"

Preston was not thrilled that his swim lessons teachers wouldn't just let him do his thing!"


Me:  "I'm not impressed with how naughty you're being."

Preston:  "So you're impressed that I'm being naughty?"

Me:  "No, being naughty isn't impressive."

Preston:  "But are you amazed by how adorable I am?"

That kid.  I swear.


"My Daddy snuggles like that.  And sometimes I get too hot.  And I have to carefully try to get out so I don't wake Daddy up!"

Brad is a BIG snuggler.  Apparently both me and Preston overheat with his snuggles!


The song "Beer Money" was playing and I was of course singing along.

Preston:  "You said the B word!"

Me:  "Beer?"

Preston:  "Yes."

Me:  "Good job knowing what it start with!"

Is it sad that I was so excited about him knowing what letter the word starts with, even if the word was beer?


"I made your Mother's Day present today.  But I can't tell you what it is.  We only made the frame today.  We didn't put the picture in it yet.  I have to leave it at preschool until Mother's Day so you won't know what it is.  Even if you want to I won't tell you."

He's sneaky that little man of mine!

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