Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Preston's Preschool Conference

Preston had his first conference! The end of preschool conference.

I wasn't sure what to expect but was so excited. A conference meant a report card! I love report cards.

Overall Preston did great! He is exactly where he is supposed to be. And excelling in certain areas!

No surprise he is great in math. He gets that from his Mama and his Daddy! He can already count to and above one hundred!

He has great motor skills! Which isn't all that surprising either when you look at how athletic everyone in my family is. You know except me.

He recognizes almost all of his letters. He just struggled with J and D. D is really one that we've worked on. But no matter how many times we go over it he still struggles with it. He also struggled with recognizing g, q, y, l, d, and m. Some of which I know that he knows and am guessing that he was just rushing to be done going over his letters. That boy of ours likes to move on to things that are more exciting than pointing out letters.

He also knows that sounds of about half of his letters! As well as all of his colors. And shapes. And recognizes numbers one through ten. And a few above that!

Mrs Suzy says that he is most definitely ready for kindergarten next year and that he'll do great!

The only area that she says he might struggle in is how stubborn he is. Say what? My child, stubborn? I can't believe it! Ha! And he is. So stubborn. He comes by it naturally.

Mrs Suzy also told me that if you had told her how well he would have done after that first day two years ago she wouldn't have believed it. That first day of preschool ever was a little rough. But here we are at almost the end and Preston is such an amazing little student!

I couldn't be more proud of Preston! Kindergarten here we come!

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