Saturday, May 18, 2013

Preston Loses Tooth Numero Dos

Preston's had a loose tooth for a couple of weeks now. His second loose tooth. Right next to the first loose tooth he had and lost.

The last time we were at the dentist the tooth wasn't all that loose and the adult tooth had just started growing in so they said to start giving it some wiggles and hopefully it would be out before his next appointment so that they didn't have to think about pulling it. I may have joked that he was starting soccer so maybe a ball to the face wouldn't be the worst thing. May have.

Anyways. Since then the tooth has gotten more and more loose. To the point where when brushing his teeth at night I'd started to mention that we really could just pull the dang thing out if he wanted.

He did not want.

Then we were at Azteca for dinner last night with my parents and Rissa and when his food came he told me he couldn't eat it because it made his tooth hurt. Because the dang thing was just barely hanging on. Like literally by a thread.

I told him I could give it a little tug and it would come right out and then he'd be able to eat his dinner.

To my surprise, he told me to go for it.

What can I say, food is obviously as important to him as it is to me! Ha!

So I gave the tooth a little tug and out it came.  It was so tiny!

You really can't tell that he even lost a tooth since the adult tooth was ready and waiting right behind it!  But for him it was the center bottom right.  In the picture it's the center bottom left.

Of course a lost tooth means a visit from the Tooth Fairy! Something Preston was very excited about.

I once again had him write on the envelope that he put his tooth in for the Tooth Fairy! Anything to get him to practice writing.

After all the excitement of the Tooth Fairy coming the night before, the next morning he woke up and forgot all about it! I actually had to ask him if he'd checked to see if the Tooth Fairy had come!

Of course she had! She'd brought him a $5 bill and a dollar gold coin!

I told him he had to put the $5 in his piggy bank (mean Mommy making him save his money!) and he put the dollar coin into his big boy wallet!

Thus is the story of Preston's second lost tooth!

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What a big boy!!!