Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

We had an awesome Mother's Day!

It started out with presents! How can you go wrong with a day that starts out with presents?

Preston gave me the present that he made me at pre-k!  It was a picture frame that he decorated all on his own.  Green with glitter designs.  And a picture of him inside.  It was perfect!  I love it!  As was the card and the fact that he drew hearts on it just for me!

Then him and Brad went out to the car to get the Mother's Day gift that they had bought me.  They'd gone on Saturday to pick something up for me and Preston was so excited to give me what they'd bought.  He told me they'd bought it at the "Mother's Day store" and that was all he was allowed to say under strict orders from Brad so that I wouldn't guess what they got me.  Turns out the "Mother's Day store" was Target.  Can't think of a better store to call the "Mother's Day store"!  Preston hit that one on the head!

They had picked out a zero gravity chair for me.  I wanted one last year for the backyard so that I could lay out while Preston played in the water!  Now I have one!  And a nice one!  Happy dance!

They'd also gotten me a Kitchen Aid mixer.  In Flamingo Pink even.  I've been wanting one for years but refusing to spend the money on it.  My husband doesn't have that same problem that I have committing to pricier purchases.

In fact when they brought it in, I initially refused to even let them put it by me.  I didn't want to become attached.  When there was no way I was keeping it.  Even though I wanted it.  And Brad pointed that out to me a million times while I tried not to even look at the dang thing.

Of course he bought me something I wouldn't have bought myself.  And of course he bought it in my favorite color to make it that much harder for me not to keep it.  He knows me so well!

I have since moved it from the living room to the kitchen counter.  Just to get it out of the way.  Not because I'm keeping it.  Although let's me honest, I'm already losing this internal battle.  I mean I really wanted one!  And it'd be rude to return it.  And come one it's pink!

Honestly I wasn't expecting to get anything for Mother's Day since we'd just bought my camera the weekend before.

We then had plans to meet up with the whole family.  And I do mean the whole family.  Well almost a couple people were missing, but there's a lot of us so that's kind of to be expected.

We were all going bowling.  Well they were all going to bowl.  I was going to watch and take pictures since I already pretty much had a bowling ball on my person!  Ha!

Preston was so excited.  He's been asking to go bowling for a while now.

I took my job taking pictures very seriously.  So get ready for the some serious picture overload.  Plus my new camera is just so much more fun to use since everything looks better and it takes them so much faster than my point and shoot did, so I actually get photos of the moments as they are happening instead of the delay where I've just missed what I was trying to capture!

Preston was so serious while he was playing.  He wanted a strike sooooo bad!  He didn't get one but he got close a couple of times!

My little family!

After bowling we headed to Shakey's for some pizza!  There were a total of twenty-three of us at dinner!  Everyone had worked up quite the appetite.

And the adventure continued for the kids in the game room.  I don't know why Preston loves the game room there so much but he really does!  He won big again on one of the games.  Hit the jackpot and a couple of other high ticket payouts.  Then my sweet boy bought Mason a prize too ( a blue snake to match Preston's green one) while he was picking out things out at the prize counter!  Love that boy!

When we got home I decided that in honor of Mother's Day I needed Brad to take some pictures of me and the one that made me a Mama!

 I can't let Mother's Day pass either without recognizing my Mama!  I feel so very fortunate to have her as a Mama, even when she's driving me crazy!  I wouldn't be who I am or where I am without her.  Both me and my family are so very lucky to have her in our lives!

I am so blessed by my little family.  And my big family!

I hope that everyone had as fabulous of a Mother's Day as I did!

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