Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Our weekend was a little crazy.

Brad had four straight days off. It was awesome.

With Olivia's due date coming up we spent a lot of the weekend finishing up projects in preparation for her arrival.

By we, I do mean Brad.  Poor guy.  Gets four days off and he spends two and a half of them working on a list of projects.  He's such a good Daddy and husband!

First up was Preston's bedroom.  Becoming a big brother means that he needed a big boy bedroom.  I'll share more when it's all finished.  But it included pulling down the border, painting the walls green, and painting the trim black.  It's bright and very green but it looks pretty good so far and will look awesome when it's completely finished.  Plus Preston LOVES it and that's what really matters.

When that was done.  Or rather in the middle of painting the  first coat and the second coat in Preston's bedroom, Brad came upstairs and finished painting the living room.  He'd done half of it already on previous weekends.  But now the second half is gray as well.  It looks so good!  The gray looks much better than the tan did!  It's just warmer and it pops.  Especially with the merlot walls.

We took Sunday off from baby prep 2013 to head up to the river for a day of hiking, fun, and relaxing.

These two were excited, can you tell?

I mean really though, what's not to love?

Preston spent some time playing with the army men my Mom bought for the river.

And then I forced my boys to come take a family photo with me.

Before Preston and Brad headed out to hike through the tunnel and over it this time since Daddy was there and Preston really wanted to hike over the tunnel last weekend and Mommy said it wasn't happening.

Me and my Mom enjoyed the quiet and the sunshine while they hiked.

While hiking Brad fell out of a tree.  I'm told that it all happened in slow motion and it was pretty hilarious.  Why Brad was in a tree I'm not all that sure.  It also meant he came back to me bruised and beat up.  Who climbs a tree?  I mean seriously.  Preston declared himself the winner since he was the only one who came back not bleeding or scratched up.  I really would have thought it would have been the other way around, Preston bleeding and Brad totally fine.  Ha!

The plan was to head up to a waterfall that my parents neighbors had told us about and check it out when they got back from hiking.  Preston is so into waterfalls so we knew he'd love it.

Preston flexing his muscles.

Brad was kind enough to hold this tree that crossed our path up so that the old people (ahem my Dad) could pass under it!  Ha!  Also for me, but I'm pregnant not old.

The hike up to the waterfall was not hard at all.  And didn't take all that long.  The waterfall was beautiful.

We stopped on a bridge for some photos.

We followed the path up a little farther and found a cave.

And a little farther and my boys put their hiking sandals to work.  The path was a little overrun by the water and they had no issue walking through the wet spots to get to the rest of the path and closer to the falls.  The rest of us on the other hand were stuck watching them from dry land in our actual shoes.  Mama is gonna need to get herself some hiking sandals so that I don't get left behind next time!

My brother was able to make his way over the them even without sandals by hopping across rocks and tight rope walking.  Stuff this nine months pregnant girl just wasn't doing.

My Dad and my brother each took a moment to show off and pose for me.

On Preston's way back in my Dad headed in a little to help him and Brad get out when Preston didn't want to walk back through all of the water.  It was cold water people!

Checking out the cave one last time.

We followed the trail up to just above the waterfall.  It was a little bit more of a hike.  I could feel my thighs burning!

Then my Dad pretended like he was going to throw Preston in.  From a safe distance away I swear!

Clearly he was terrified!

Can you tell he loves his Grandpa?

Me and my boy!

This one makes me laugh.  Preston acted like he was going to take off running.  And I totally freaked out.  Since we were right there by the waterfall.  And Brad kept snapping pictures.  Preston was just done taking a picture with me and ready to go back to hanging out with Daddy and Grandpa.

My little family!

Once again those dang hiking sandals coming in handy.  My boys!

For a total of two seconds, Brad thought about climbing out on this tree. This tree that went out over the top of the waterfall.  I say for two seconds because that was how long it took for him to express the thought and me to instantly tell him it was in no way happening.  He'd already fallen out of one tree that day.  Mmmkay.

Preston had seen other people down at the bottom of the falls so he insisted that once we were done with the top of the falls we go down and see the bottom too.

Silly boy and Auntie Rissa!

Silly boy and his Mama!

My brother and his girlfriend, Kaylee.

Preston did some rock climbing while we were hanging out.

My parents.

Preston and my parents.

He wanted to walk through the water so bad.  He had to settle for throwing rocks in from the edge.  It's rough not being old enough to do what you want.

Hurray for the self timer feature on my camera!  I was able to get a group photo of all of us!

Preston insisted that he HAD to climb on this rock on the way back down and show us his muscles!

Which led to all of the boys climbing up on the rock.  Clearly Matt and Brad didn't get the muscles memo.  He gets it from his grandpa obviously.

Just smiles!


We decided to head up to check out Metaline Falls since we were so close.  We've wanted to show Preston the waterfall there for a while.  Guess what?  There is no freaking waterfall there.  Who names a town Metaline FALLS when there is no actual waterfall there.  Preston was not impressed.

So instead when we got back to the campsite, we headed up a road across the way to check things out.  Last year when we hiked the road we saw a bear, so Preston was really hoping that we'd see something again.

But first we stopped so that Riss could ride in the back of my Dad's truck.  And somehow everyone ended up walking over to this train bridge that my parents had crossed the day before.  I'd been told it was terrifying and so I didn't want Preston crossing it.  Of course that meant by the time I got over there him and Brad were crossing it.  Turns out it really wasn't bad at all.  They walked slowly and carefully but really there wasn't enough space for anyone to fall through like I'd been told.  My Mom might be a little bit of a worrier! Ha!

Plus they found a frog.  Preston loves frogs.  Crazy kid.  He even named it.  "Frog That Lives Under The Rocks".

After heading up a couple of miles, we stopped and Preston and Brad hopped in the back of the truck for the ride down.  Preston had spent the entire time that Riss was back there asking if he could please ride in the back of the truck too.  And could we stop now so he could get back there.  Please.  Come on.  So on the way back him and Daddy climbed back there.  He was over the moon about it.

You'd think Preston would have been tired after a busy day.  A busy weekend even.  But he wasn't.  So we busted out the sidewalk chalk for him to play with while we all rested, started a fire, and made dinner.

Daddy drew Preston a megalodon shark.  He insisted I take a picture of it.  Apparently Olivia wanted in on that picture too.

Can you tell why we love it up here?

After dinner Preston got in on the football action with everyone.  And convinced Daddy to throw the ball with him.

Before Preston was worn out and decided to just watch!  That never happens!

We stayed late enough for it to get dark and a fire to happen.  A fire that Preston was all about.  He just wanted to poke sticks in the fire.  And then watch them burn down.  At first I started to tell him no and to leave it alone.  But then I remembered how when I was little I loved doing the exact same thing.  It was one of my favorite parts about a campfire.  So we just set rules and watched him closely.

Every time Brad got my camera he took a scenery photo.  We realized that we both take photos of opposites. I like people in the ones I take.  Brad likes to take them of his surroundings.

Preston took a bath in the teeny tiny bathtub, got dressed in his jammies, and passed out in the car on the way home.  It was late by the time we got back!  Even later by the time Brad and I had both showered the campfire smell off of us before climbing into bed.

Which would explain why we were all exhausted Monday.  Brad and Preston watched two movies while I slept on the couch.  Rough.

We did eventually get up and get things done.  Brad and Preston mowed the front and back while I cleaned up inside.  And then Brad started putting baby gear together.

We now have the swing, bouncy seat, and rock and play up in different areas of our house.

BBQ'd steak for dinner and we called it a weekend!  A long weekend.  And an awesome weekend!

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