Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Field Trip

Preston's pre-k class had their final field trip of the year.

This time to a local Italian restaurant.

I've had friends that have done this field trip and said it's a lot of fun. So I was pretty excited! As was Preston!

The field trip started in the reception area.  Right away you could tell it was going to be awesome.  Within minutes they had the kids screaming back to the kitchen.  The kids were learning about what happens behind the scenes when you go out to eat and having fun doing so!  They all loved it!

Preston and Aleya might as well have been on a date at the restaurant.  She seems to have a little crush on Preston.  Preston played hard to get at the last field trip to the fire station but this time he seemed to not mind the attention!

We moved into the dining area next.  Where our tour guides showed us just how kid friendly the restaurant is.  We've always known that it's a family friendly restaurant.  There are chalkboards on the walls.  Paper on the tables with crayons.  The kids get play-doh when you're seated.  But they even take it a step farther and the plates that are on the table for your break can't be broken.  They proved this by throwing them at the floor and doing their best to destroy them.  The kids loved it.  I just kept thinking I really hope Preston doesn't try that the next time we eat here!

Next up was the red station.  Where they make the drinks.

The kids followed them around to the other side of the restaurant to see more seating and tables.  There is also a wall where they hang the kids drawings from the paper on the table.

Next to the room of salads and bread.  Oh the bread.  They have the best garlic bread ever.  In the world.  I could just go and eat the salad and the bread.

Notice their hands.  I think they were having a good date.  I also think that I'm going to have to talk to Preston about how the only girl in his life right now is his mama!

The kids made their way over to the kitchen area next.  Where they got to chat with the cooks.  And our guides had them all laughing by throwing food.

The restaurant had set up tables for all of the kids.  With drinks and pizza on the way.

Preston of course wasn't interested in his pizza.  His Mommy however took one for the team and ate it.  It was good!

Preston's table drawing.

Before we left all of the kids got these little bracelets.  Preston loves these little bracelets.

Best buddies!

The whole field trip was a lot of fun! Made even more exciting by the kids getting a coupon for a free kids meal. Looks like we're going to be visiting the restaurant again sometime soon!

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