Thursday, May 23, 2013

37 Weeks

How Far:  37 weeks.

Maternity Clothes:  Same old, same old.  I did start wearing my jeggings this week.  And loving them.  I don't know why I hated them so much before.

Weight Gain:  Not sure.  I didn't weigh myself and my doctor appointment is tomorrow.

Stretch Marks:  Preston's.  Dang kid.  He probably did it because he's a boy and doesn't get how dreaded they are!  Ha!

Belly Button:   Still out.  Don't think it's going anywhere.

Best Moment:   I cut the tags off of her clothes!  And started washing them and putting them away!  There is so much.  There were piles all over her bedroom.  I also pulled out all of her bows. I did NOT realize she had so many.  Whoa.  And we ordered the last of her things for her room.  Well almost the last of her things for her room.  I finally sat down and figured out what we still needed and started placing orders.  This week and next week are exciting mail weeks!

Worst Moment:  It took me over an hour to cut all of the tags off of her clothes and blankets.  Little Miss has a lot of stuff.  And I only cut the tags off of the newborn and three month sized clothing.  Also exhaustion.  Brad had to work A LOT so it meant that there wasn't as much resting time as I would have liked what with being a million weeks pregnant and having a very busy and active five year old.

Cravings:  Sonic ice.  French fries.  Chuck E Cheese salad bar.

Sleep:  Not bad.  Except for the middle of the night pee breaks.  I"m just too tired not to be sleeping.  We stay busy!

Movement:  Since noticing the hiccups she's been getting them a lot.

Symptoms:  I'm full term!  But that does not mean she can come out.  Just sayin'!

Emotions:  I think I'm in denial a little bit!  I just started washing her clothes. I hadn't even thought about packing a hospital bag until I realized I hadn't even thought about it.  Hence the washing of her clothes.


Next up thirty-eight weeks!

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