Thursday, May 2, 2013

34 Weeks

How far: 34 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: My version of them. The next size up and stretchy. I like to emphasize the belly.

Weight Gain:  About twenty three pounds.

Stretch Marks: Just Preston's. I'm smaller this go around I think so hopefully Olivia won't feel the need to make her "mark" on me.

Belly Button: It's out. I don't know that it will pop out any farther!

Best Moment: My baby shower!! It was so much fun! I had a great time! And everyone spoiled Olivia rotten! Seeing how excited Preston is getting about his baby sister arriving! We ordered Olivia's new bedroom furniture. And Brad will be picking one of the dressers up on Friday since it's a little out of the way than our normal Babies R Us. We expected the other dresser and the crib to take a little longer to come in stock but they are in at our Babies R Us so we're grabbing those over the weekend too. So by next week we'll have furniture in her room! So awesome after what a process this whole furniture thing was! Plus I need more space in her room now that she has a collection of things!

Worst Moment: We picked up our furniture and opened the boxes. Should be a best moment right? Not so much. We opened the dresser boxes and they were dented and cracked and not worth keeping. Especially for the price. I was so disappointed. I mean we had been waiting to put her room together and I wanted it to be done before my baby shower. Instead there were boxes everywhere and crap all over her room while we tried to put the dresser boxes and padding back together. Just a crap quality product. I'm looking at you Baby Cache Chantal collection. You disappoint me. We didn't even open the crib box up because it wasn't worth it after seeing the quality of the dressers.  Preston throwing up was pretty bad too.  Not as bad for me as it was for Brad and Preston.  Preston sat up and threw up on Brad.  Normally that is when I step in and handle it.  Only I started gagging.  I couldn't do anything.  Poor Brad had to clean himself up, get Preston to the bathroom, clean Preston up, strip the bed and clean the vomit off of it, and then remake the bed.  I did manage to get Preston in the shower once he'd stripped down and get him dressed again.  But I couldn't get anywhere near the throw up to help.  Maybe this was a win?  I got out of vomit duty!

Cravings: Ice. Chocolate. Fruit. Food in general.

Sleep: Oh yes. I fall asleep hard. I wake up at least twice in the first couple hours after I go to bed to pee. But then I have a stretch of sleep! I'm guessing it's because I drink so much water. And at the end of the night it's nice to sit in the quiet with my glass of ice!

Movement: She's getting bigger! So she pushes more. I had Brad watching all of her stretching from across the living room. She really is so much more active when I'm just sitting at the start of the day or the end. Or if I get a chance in the middle of the day!

Sypmtoms: A growing belly!

Emotions: I'm excited! She has furniture...or rather will. And all of these little baby outfits and special things from my shower! We're having a baby people!


Next up 35 weeks!

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