Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Went To Ikea

No trip to Seattle is ever complete without a stop at Ikea. I seriously love that place. And hate that we don’t have one back home.

Preston showed his excitement by doing some wall climbing in the parking garage.

Then we proceeded to fill not just one adult sized cart, but also Preston’s kid sized cart.

We have to buy all of the things. We are really working on making the most out of the space that we have at home and using it in the best way possible with Miss Olivia coming.

How is it that when we bought our house almost seven years ago we thought how are we ever going to fill all of this space. And now we think how do we make more space?! Dang kids! HA!

After loading up my Dad’s truck with everything that wasn’t breakable we said our good-byes to my parents and sisters since they were heading home and we were heading back to Jen and Madison’s for our last night before heading home ourselves.

But not before Riss decided that she needed to make Preston a flier and the top of her pyramid.

Now I just have to wait to start going through all of the stuff we bought until we get home!

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