Sunday, April 7, 2013

Say What Preston?!

Me: "Boys don't wear make up. Do you see Daddy wearing make up?"

Preston: "Yes."

Me: "You do? When?"

Preston: "When you're not here. But don't tell because it's a secret."

I don't know what to worry about more. That Brad might be wearing my make up when I'm not home. Or that Preston has gotten smart enough to try the but don't tell it's a secret on me.


Me: "I'm getting in the shower."

Preston: "Are you leaving the door open so I can talk to you?"

Me: "No, I"m leaving it open in case there is an emergency. I just want to take a shower!"

One day I'll get to take a shower with the door closed right?


Me: "Preston you really do not want to do this with Mommy."

Preston: "I didn't hear you!"

Me: "Do you know what Mommy wanted to be when I was little?"

Preston: "No, what?"

Me: "A lawyer. DO you know why Mommy wanted to be a lawyer?"

Preston: "Why?"

Me: "Because Mommy is really good at arguing. You're not going ot win this one.

Preston: "Well I'm a lawyer. And I'm right. Slugbug yellow on Mommy because she's the cranky one."


Me: "How come you didn't wear undies last night?

Preston: "Because I didn't want to."

Me: "So where did you put them?"

Preston: "Under the bed...just a little."

Me: "So I wouldn't find them?"

Preston: "Under the bed just a little. So you would find them eventually."


"Mason do you want to work in the military with me when you're a grown up? You get guns and tanks and flying stuff. Your general gets to decide if you get guns or boats or tanks or flying or airplanes or jets."


"Dear God...thank you for this day. Please let it be sunny tomorrow. And warm enough to go swimming. Amen."

We are so over winter around here!


Preston was asking questions about weddings and getting married...

Me: "Are you going to dance at your wedding?

Preston: "Yes. I'm going to remember my moves. And she'll laugh. My...wi (Pauses trying to make sure he's thinking of the right word).

Me: "Your wife?"

Preston: "Yeah! My wife!"


In keeping with the wedding questions theme...

Preston: "I'm going to marry Mommy!"

Me: "You can't marry Mommy, I'm already married to Daddy!"

Preston: "When Daddy dies!"

I wasn't sure how to respond to that one!


And one more wedding one...

Preston: "I'm going to marry Mommy when I get older."

Me: "You can't marry Mommy honey. Remember you can't marry your family."

Preston: "Then I'll marry Auntie Shannon."

Me: "Auntie Shannon is still your family so you can't marry her either."

Brad: "You marry the woman you love."

Preston: "What if the person you love is a boy?"

Me: "You marry the person that you love."

He really does think about all of the angles when he asks questions!


Preston: "I did not want to eat all of my strawberries!"

Me: "I did not want to be in labor with your for almost 24 hrs but I did it. So eat your strawberries!"

Preston: "What's labor?"

Preston won that one. Also note to self he's a little too young for sarcasm obviously.


"I'm not taking any pictures today! We are going over there so I can play with Zack and you can talk to Kelly! Okay?!"


"Daddy works so we can have money. And you work so we can keep our house. Right Mama?"

I like that I get credit too!

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