Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mama And Preston Have A Day At The Zoo

We got off to a late start but we made it to the zoo!

Preston wanted to start in the tropical rain forest room and area around there, so that's what we looked at first!

Since he had energy to burn from there we headed to the zoomazium.

Preston took a minute to have a Lion King moment on the big rock.  Any guesses on his favorite movie?

There was a lot to play with and on in there!

Preston even convinced me to crawl through the tunnels under the play area with him.

After playing we checked out some of the other areas inside.

Preston particularly liked these plants.  He declared them to be Venus Fly Traps.  They weren't, but we decided they looked close enough.

They had this little kid door and Preston had to walk through it a few times on the way out.

Since we hadn't seen the lion cubs since the last time we were at the zoo and now they were on full exhibit it was decided that we would head that way.

But first we had to jump the rocks by the hippos.  And by we I clearly mean Preston.

The Lion Cubs were so much bigger!  Since they had access to their entire exhibit they were a little harder to see, especially with all the crowds.

But when we headed to the lower viewing area, they put on quite the show and came right up to the glass!  I don't know who was more excited, me or Preston!

There was more zoo too see, so me and my little monkey headed off to do that!

We had to see the dragons.  And Preston rode one.  Kind of.

Most importantly, we got ice cream.  This is my favorite kind of ice cream like ever.  It's vanilla with the flavor swirled around the outside and into the inside.  Flavor Burst ice cream!  And it is not available everywhere. In fact it is almost available no where I feel like.  I broke the rules a little pregnancy wise and had a cone even though it was soft serve.

Preston wanted to ride the carousel and we didn't have anywhere else to be.  Plus the carousel is fun!

Somehow even the one on display outside was almost as much fun as the ones inside that move!

We had a great time at the zoo!

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