Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Rough Few Days

Preston's had a rough go of it the last few days.

It started Monday night at my parents house. We went over there to hang out and ended up staying for dinner.

At dinner Preston tried to walk around my Dad's chair and tripped over the leg of the chair and hit the corner of the table and then proceeded to slide all the way down the corner of the table. 

I was standing across the table from him when it happened and it was just awful to watch.  It felt like it happened all in slow motion, when in reality it was so fast no one could have stopped it.

It hurt.  And hurt bad.  Preston cried hard for a few minutes and when we lifted his shirt to look at it a mark was already happening.  A nice straight line right down his chest.  In the end the only thing that got him to stop crying was putting an ice pack on it.  He even had me take his shirt off that night since it hurt when it rubbed up against his chest. 

I felt so bad for him.

Especially when we got home and when we were brushing his teeth before bed and I saw that not only did he hit his chest he also hit his chin and had a nice mark there too. 

Poor guy. 

But no that wasn't enough. 

Wednesday we met our friends Kelly, Zack, and Ryan at Chuck E Cheese to play. 

Preston was racing for Zack and went running around the corner and then went FLYING backwards.   At first I thought he was just playing and being silly.  Since he seriously went flying.  He landed a couple feet back from where he was. 

And then you heard two sets of screaming. 

Preston and Zack. 

The two had run full blast into each other and collided hard enough for both of them to go flying in opposite directions.

After surveying the damage, we realized that Preston's forehead hurt and Zack's mouth hurt.  They had somehow hit Preston's forehead to Zack's mouth.  Preston even had the teeth marks in his forehead to prove it. 

I held my drink to his forehead for a couple of minutes and then he was ready to move on. 

As if that wasn't enough, when I stopped at the mailbox at the end of the street on the way home that same day Preston asked if he could run home.  Something that he asks regularly since the weather has been getting nicer.  I told him to go for it.

He didn't even get to the first house from the mailbox before he wiped out.  Fully slid across the pavement. 

Ripped the knees of his jeans, skinned one of his knee, and skinned up one of his elbows. 

He was a mess. 

This has not been the best week for Preston!  Here's hoping next week is better.

Hopefully it's not worse!

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