Thursday, April 25, 2013

33 Weeks

How far: 33 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Nope. But bigger sizes in other things officially now. More often than anything else. And maxi skirts.

Weight Gain: I had my doctor appointment and I'm up 22 pounds.

Stretch Marks: Just Preston's. Let's keep it that way. Thanks Liv.

Belly Button: It's pretty much out. I don't know that it has much farther to go.

Best Moment: Her carpet went in!! Hurray! The walls are painted and the carpet is in. It's like she has a bedroom!

Worst Moment: I don't know. That can't be bad!

Cravings: Ice. Ice. And more ice.

Sleep: Other than the peeing, I am so tired that I crash at night.

Movement: Oh yes. She's head down so her little feet kick out and I"m pretty sure it's an arm that she tosses into my side. It's fun to watch my belly bounce around when she's all active or I'm just sitting still.

Symptoms: I've pretty much added Tums to my prenatal vitamin at night. Just in case. So who knows if that's why I'm not having heartburn or if I'm just over it.  I asked my doctor again about going late.  He thinks the whole thing is kind of hilarious.  I was told that I should stay hydrated (got that one covered!), take it easy (that will be easy with Preston!), and no sex as it gets closer (sorry Brad!).

Emotions: We might actually be ready! Who would have thought. But having the carpet in and the paint up makes me feel like it's happening. Now we just have to pick up her last piece of furniture and open the boxes up and put it all in her room!


Next up 34 weeks!

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