Thursday, April 18, 2013

32 Weeks

How far: 32 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: I'm in bigger sizes in some things. I still fit in my stretch stuff that is long enough to go over my belly. And maxi skirts. I also bought some leggings and jeggings to wear.

Weight Gain: Around twenty pounds.

Stretch Marks: The ones on my side from Preston are making an themselves known again. I've been watching to see if anything else is going to pop up. And crossing my fingers that they don't!

Belly Button: Out. I don't know that it can go any farther.

Best Moment: We found Olivia's carpet! And ordered it. Even better, we ordered a rapid install so it will be in her room in a week! So excited!! Also my friend Kelly's son, Ryan, is loving my baby belly. He was rubbing it and talking to Olivia and asking about her. So stinkin' cute! And we ordered her final dresser! The last piece of her bedroom set! Once her room is ready we have all the furniture ready to go in! Brad stopped and picked me up Sonic ice on his way home from work Friday!  A giant 10 pound bag even!  And when I went to my friend Kelly's house she had bought me some Sonic ice to chew on during our play date!  My Mom brought me a decaf latte Monday and then took me to Mexican for lunch.  This was a good week! 

Worst Moment: Getting sick. I caught a cold on Monday. You know what sucks about being sick while you're pregnant? You can't take anything. Or you can. But it's not the good stuff that actually makes you feel better. Not so awesome.  Even worse when Preston catches it just as I'm getting better!

Cravings: Swiss Rolls. Chocolate. Mexican food. You know the good stuff. I actually had a lot of Mexican food this week. It was good!  Mostly just Sonic ice though, to be honest.

Sleep: I am so tired when I go to bed. I fall asleep ridiculously fast. If I didn't have to get up to pee a million times a night I would be sleeping like a baby. Or rather like our cat since we all know babies don't sleep.

Movement: She bounces my belly around. It's fun to watch.

Symptoms: A growing belly.

Emotions: We might actually be ready in time! Having the carpet ordered and the final piece of bedroom furniture makes me feel like we might just get there! I just want her room to be put together!


Next up 33 weeks!

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