Thursday, April 11, 2013

31 Weeks

How Far: 31 Weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Not maternity, but next size up in normal clothes. I'm also down to only one pair of my jeans. So I need to figure out a plan there. Boo!

Weight Gain: Nineteen point two pounds at my dr appointment. I actually asked at my appointment what I gained with Preston because since I'm not even halfway to it and I only have nine weeks left I thought I must not be remembering right. I am. A solid forty to forty five pounds with Preston. Not much chance of that happening with Olivia since I'm not even halfway to Preston's weight gain and more than two thirds of my way through Olivia's pregnancy. Less to lose after I guess? The only reason I can come up with is that with Preston I worked in an office at a desk and with Olivia I spend my days trying to keep up with Preston.

Stretch Marks: Just Preston's coming back to haunt me.

Belly Button: Pretty much all the way out. Totally obvious under my shirts. My belly button is really an innie though so it can still pop out more if it wants to.

Best Moment:  We picked up Olivia's dresser!  But even better, Brad finished painting her bedroom Like actually finished it.  I love it!!  I hung her clothes up in her closet.  How exciting is that?  It also means I can see what we need!  Which we do!

Worst Moment:  The carpet that I planned on putting in Olivia's bedroom (since it's the carpet we have all over the rest of the house) is discontinued.  Boo!  So we have to find something else. 

Cravings:  Cherry Pepsi.  Again.  And Chuck E Cheese salad bar.  YUM!  Also Mexican food.  Story of my life.

Sleep:  Not too bad.  I am so tired.  It's kind of ridiculous. 

Movement:  Little Miss is active.  She's moving around more the farther I get.  I'm sure it's because she's getting bigger!   

Symptoms:  I didn't realize it until this week, but for a few weeks now my nose has been extra snotty?  For lack of a better word.  Not in a runny nose or stuffy nose kind of a way.  Just in a there is more up there than normal.  So I'm blowing my nose more often than normal.  Good times.  Same thing happened with Preston.  Good news, my heartburn is not an issue.  I don't know why or what changed?  But I have only woken up like once because of it and a couple of tums later I was right back to sleep.  Thank goodness!

Emotions:  With her bedroom painted I feel so much better about being ready for her.  I know it's a simple thing but I'm serious.  I think there is an actual chance that we will really be ready for her by my due date!  Or sooner if everything goes right!  Hurray!!


Next up thirty-two weeks!

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