Sunday, April 28, 2013

Preston's Baby Shower Present

With Olivia's baby shower happening I didn't want Preston to feel left out.

A big part of getting ready for her arrival has been including Preston in every little thing to do with her arrival. From talking about names (even though he lost that one, we won't be naming her Kitty Meow!) to paint colors for her bedroom to what we should buy for her. We've picked out the colors for her nursery while also picking out the colors for Preston's big boy bedroom. We've talked about his role in her arrival and him becoming a big brother just as much as how she is going to grow our family and be the little sister. While picking out the fabrics for her crib bedding, we've also picked out Preston's new big boy bedding.

Preparing for Olivia's arrival has been a two step process. Getting everything ready for her. As well as getting Preston ready. Making sure that we don't allow either of our children to feel left out on the changes that are coming to our family with the addition of a new member.

So in keeping with that trend, we prepped Preston for her baby shower. He knew she would be getting one. But I wasn't sure how to explain that I would be coming home with all of these gifts for baby sister and she isn't even here yet. So we bought him a "baby shower" gift as well.

I'm not sure whether it really needed to happen or not since he hasn't showed any sort of jealousy about anything to do with the arrival of baby sister but I don't want him to feel forgotten or less important just because a new baby is coming.

It could just be the hormones I've got running through my system but it's a big stress for me that he is going to feel like in all the hype of Olivia coming that we've forgotten that he's the one who made us parents in the first place!

Once all of the baby shower gifts were inside Olivia's bedroom, we brought out Preston's baby shower present!

He was thrilled. He saw one when we were in Seattle last time at the park and pointed it out to us as a potential birthday present. Imagine my excitement when I found it at Costco! Score!

He couldn't wait for Brad to blow it up so he could play in it! And it took forever for it to blow up! Poor kid!

Then the fun began!

Now we just have to figure out the best way to store the dang thing!

Preston is already requesting that we bring it to a park near us with small hills.  Looks like we have big plans this summer!  You know besides having a baby!

Olivia's Baby Shower

You can't have a baby without having a baby shower!

My Mom has been busy planning mine (or Olivia's depending on how you look at it!) for a couple months. Longer really, since she mentioned throwing my baby shower like a whole two seconds after we told her we were pregnant!

She had me pick out the theme with her. Partly because she likes to do things with people (she's one of five kids, not that surprising that she prefers group events!) and probably partly because she knows this daughter so well. I'm crazy super picky and I love throwing parties!

I don't remember who saw the theme first but we both agreed that it was the cutest thing in the whole dang party store!

Little pink elephants! How adorable right?

Funny because usually I do not get all into animals on things, but cute little elephants have become an obsession since I became pregnant with Olivia!

I was a little teensy bit late to my own shower.  I know right, who does that.  Really it wasn't a surprise to anyone there.  I'm late for everything, so why not my own baby shower.  Ha!

In my defense I had a really good reason.  Preston had a soccer game and it ended right as my shower was starting!  So I stayed to see the last few minutes and then rushed over to my Mom's house to celebrate Little Miss Olivia with family and friends!  Thank goodness the game was really close by.

My Mom did an awesome job putting it all together!

The food table...

The gift table...

Everyone outdid themselves with gifts for us!

The cake and cake table...

I mean how cute is that cake?  For real, I just about died when I saw it!

We snacked.  Chatted.  Played some games.  Just had a good time!  It was crowded and busy, but really when is that a bad thing when getting together with the people that matter?

Before I knew it, seriously it felt like the whole thing had just gotten started, it was time to open all of the gifts that everyone had brought.

Oh my word.  You guys.  Everyone went crazy.  There were so many gifts.  Just so much.  I don't even know what to say about how spoiled Olivia and I were by everyone who showed up!  The gifts they just kept coming and coming and coming.  I can't even say how grateful we are for each and every item that everyone brought for Olivia!

By the time I was done opening gifts I was a hot sweaty mess.  We got so many amazing things!

I wish I would have thought to have taken more photos with everyone who came!  But there were just so many people there and we were all just having such a good time that I really didn't even think to pull out my camera or ask anyone else to until a couple of friends asked if we could take photos together.  And by then half of the party was gone and the other half was on their way out.  It's a good thing I see all of these people fairly regularly so I'll just have to get my photos with them another time!

The two photos that I have with friends...

My bestie Kelly and I!

Tiffany and I and our pregnant bellies!  Our girls are only due two weeks apart!

My brother and his girlfriend pretty much loaded all of the gifts up into my Mom's car.  It was full.  And then Brad and my Mom unloaded the car at our house and put everything into Liv's bedroom.  I'm not lying when I say that everyone went overboard!  Her room was a disaster of her new furniture and all of gifts!

I cannot say enough just how blessed I am to have the family and friends that I do!  I am really just so fortunate to have these people in my life!

Big thanks to my Mom for putting the whole event together and making it possible for all of us to get together to celebrate our newest addition to our family!

Thanks to everyone who made Olivia's baby shower such a special day!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Show And Tell

Preston decided to bring some of his favorite books for show and tell at pre-k.

Those included his two new cougar books and the Halloween book about mittens the kitten.

It was my help out day so I got to watch him show and tell about his books.

Then watch him hop up on the table and open up the mittens book to read to his class. Was not expecting that!

It was hilarious to watch when he was so caught up in reading the book to his class that he didn't even think to show everyone the pictures that went with the stories.

He's pretty much memorized the book and it was just so stinkin' cute!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

33 Weeks

How far: 33 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Nope. But bigger sizes in other things officially now. More often than anything else. And maxi skirts.

Weight Gain: I had my doctor appointment and I'm up 22 pounds.

Stretch Marks: Just Preston's. Let's keep it that way. Thanks Liv.

Belly Button: It's pretty much out. I don't know that it has much farther to go.

Best Moment: Her carpet went in!! Hurray! The walls are painted and the carpet is in. It's like she has a bedroom!

Worst Moment: I don't know. That can't be bad!

Cravings: Ice. Ice. And more ice.

Sleep: Other than the peeing, I am so tired that I crash at night.

Movement: Oh yes. She's head down so her little feet kick out and I"m pretty sure it's an arm that she tosses into my side. It's fun to watch my belly bounce around when she's all active or I'm just sitting still.

Symptoms: I've pretty much added Tums to my prenatal vitamin at night. Just in case. So who knows if that's why I'm not having heartburn or if I'm just over it.  I asked my doctor again about going late.  He thinks the whole thing is kind of hilarious.  I was told that I should stay hydrated (got that one covered!), take it easy (that will be easy with Preston!), and no sex as it gets closer (sorry Brad!).

Emotions: We might actually be ready! Who would have thought. But having the carpet in and the paint up makes me feel like it's happening. Now we just have to pick up her last piece of furniture and open the boxes up and put it all in her room!


Next up 34 weeks!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Day With Friends

We had a big day planned! A whole day with some of our favorite friends. I can't even begin to tell you how excited Preston was. He was telling his teacher when I picked him up from pre-k about how he was going to go downtown with Zack and to the movies with Zack and to dinner with Zack. A whole day of Zack!

We got started by grabbing lunch on our way downtown.

The plan was head down and let the boys all use their season passes to ride as many rides as they could handle.  Only problem was that we didn't do enough of our research.  The rides are only open on the weekends until June.  So they weren't open on a Wednesday and we were downtown for some fun.

Luckily mini golf was also included in the season pass and it was open for play!

I tried to get a picture of all three of them and this is what I ended up with.  Every single time I look at it I laugh!

On the way out, we found a karaoke booth.  It was quite the hit with all of the kids!  Future American Idol stars up in here!

Me and my boy!

As we were leaving the gaming area Preston was begging for a bouncy ball and I was refusing because of the bazillion he already has at home.  Well a random nice guy overheard us and had just won one so he gave it to Preston.  Made his day!  And was very entertaining for the boys while we all took turns hitting up the bathroom.

The carousel was also open!  Which meant the boys just had to take a ride.  Apparently Preston has also gotten big enough that I am no longer a free rider anymore.  What is that?  So after he was on his horse and buckled I had to either step back outside the gate or pay to ride.  Sad day!

While I am totally not a fan of the birds in the park, specifically the geese, the boys were all about them and fed them the goldfish crackers we had brought with us as a snack.  Snack for the kids, snack for the birds same difference.  Particularly when they are having so much fun feeding them.  Even if us Moms were cringing at their lack of fear of the geese.  Geese are mean people!

A theater near us was having Dollar Night and playing the kids movie Escape From Planet Earth so after a stop at a park that we'd never been to and some racing around we headed there for popcorn and a movie!  It was cute!  The boys all seemed to enjoy it!

Then back in the car to head to dinner!

Chili's was doing a kids eat free promotion so we headed there!  Free food, just try to keep me away!  Ha!

The kids were all a little tired from all of the fun of the day.  And were all definitely hungry!  And cute!

I love this picture of Preston and Zack!  Best friends!

We ended the day after dinner.  Exhausted but from a fun day with friends!  Friends that I am so grateful we have!