Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time To Go Home

After two weeks in Seattle we headed home yesterday.

Preston is less than thrilled. He has been having way to much fun here. He wants to stay another week. Just one more week Mommy. Two wasn't enough.

We had a busy day planned.

We started at the zoo.

Then dropped Mads off at swim lessons while Preston and I headed to the two story Target for the last time.  And bought a giant chocolate chip cookie.  It was soooooo good!

We finished up at Target and headed back to grab Mads and then made our way to Mercer Island to pick up Brad.

Back to the house to load the car up and so Mads could take a nap.

Preston and Brad might have napped too.  Or at least Brad napped and Preston sat quietly with him.  He missed his Daddy!

We were getting ready to leave but waiting for Mads to wake up so we could say good-bye.  Preston looked so cute waiting at the top of the stairs for her to get up!

The drive home pretty much sucked.  We left at the wrong time and hit traffic.  It took us over an hour to get to the freeway.  A drive that usually takes ten minutes maybe.  Not the best way to start a four plus hour drive home.  Sitting in traffic!

But we made it!  Thank God Brad was with us since Preston and I totally fell asleep on the way home.  Him before me.  He was out by eight!  Something he rarely does!  He was worn out.  I made it a couple more hours before I passed out!

Home sweet home.

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