Saturday, March 9, 2013

Seattle Say What?!

Me: "What's that?"

Preston: "My alarm. Madison has to be back."


"He got baked!"

Totally innocent, he was talking about his kitty which had gotten hidden in the oven during a game of hide and seek. But me and Jen could not stop laughing when he walked around repeating it!


"I'm playing with my balls!"

His BOUNCY balls!


"My body is tingling. It has a sense that I don't like it."


Preston: "What day did I have a banana?"

Me: "Tuesday."

Preston: "Well it totally worked. Cause I checked and I only have normal poop!"


Preston: "Mama can you say goodnight to people you can't see?"

Me: "Yep."

Preston: "So I can say goodnight to God?

Me: "Yes you can."

How cute is that!


The end!

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