Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seattle Day Ten - Ka-Koma Zoo

I promised Preston that we would visit the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma while we were in Seattle. Somehow even being there for two weeks we were running out of time! I checked the weather for the week over the weekend and on Monday and originally it was supposed to be nice today. But of course being Seattle it changed up. Somehow even though we were planning on going Wednesday since it was supposed to be decent it changed to rainy. Luckily it wasn't pouring and it was still warm enough to be outside. So we went ahead and headed out to the "Ka-Koma Zoo" as Preston calls it.

A promise is a promise!

When I was buying our tickets, I asked about when the tiger cubs would be out for viewing.  Turns out we were just in time.  They took turns and one of them would be out for another fifteen minutes!  Since the tigers were the reason Preston was so excited to visit this zoo, we headed right over so that we wouldn't miss our chance to see one of them!

It was so worth it!

Preston was thrilled.  And the tiger cub was so much fun to watch.  They allow a zookeeper in with the tiger to play so Preston wanted to know if they let people in with the tiger!  He didn't love that they didn't just let anyone in.  Watching the tiger race around the the zookeeper play with it, Preston decided to add zookeeper to the list of things he might like to be when he grows up!

The tiger we got to watch was Dumai and he was in an indoor/outdoor exhibit. And playing with what we were told was a favorite toy. A ball! Added bonus there was water. Preston and Mads were totally into watching what he was up to!

When it was nearing time for him to head back to his off exhibit area with his brother, I dragged Preston and Mads off to see the rest of the zoo!

We were closest to the aquarium so we started there!

When they had gotten their fill of the sharks we headed out into the rain to see the rest of the zoo!

It really wasn't that bad that it was raining.  We all had rain coats on.  And it was more of an on and off drizzle than a downpour.  Plus there were puddles to jump in along the way!

I did make a big mistake.  We discovered a play area that we'd somehow missed the other times we'd visited the zoo.  I figured the slides couldn't be that wet.  So when they wanted to go down them, I said go for it.  I was wrong.  Both of them finished their trip down the slide with wet bottoms.  Oops.

I had promised that if they were both good that we could ride the carousel so wet pants and all we totally headed to the carousel for a ride.

They loved it!  Preston insisted on riding one of the cats.  Which worked out perfect because it was next to a pretty pink horse for Mads.

The two of them ended up riding home in their underwears.  That's what happens when the ride home is an hour and someone let them soak their pants on their way down the slides.  Not that they seemed to mind.  Especially when we added McDonald's french fries to the mix.  After I got lost for like the third or fourth time trying to get to the freeway.  I thought I could do it without mapping it.  I couldn't .  Then I needed gas.  And french fries.

The best part of them riding home in their little underwears was pulling up to the house and having them race to the front door!  Ha!

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