Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seattle Day Eleven - Seattle Center And Children's Museum

We headed to the Children's Museum for the day! Preston loves this place! And honestly I think it's pretty awesome too! Way better than the one that we have at home!

We started the trip off with a stop at Starbucks. Only to find out as we were getting our coffee (mine decaf!) that you can't take them into the Children's Museum.

Huh. What to do?

Ride the monorail of course! Preston loves the monorail! And the monorail lets us bring drinks on!

Even more exciting the kids got front row seats right next to the driver and he let them each honk the horn on the way from Seattle Center to Westlake and then again on the way back!

It was just the right amount of time and we'd finished our coffees by the time we got back to Seattle Center!

Preston led the way down to the Children's Museum.  He was only just a little bit excited to play!

There's just so much to do! We didn't have time to do it all, but we definitely hit up our favorite areas!

One disastrous lunch upstairs and we finished our day at Seattle Center!

Did you know that no matter how many times you tell your child a slush puppie is different than an icee they will not believe you?  And then when they discover that it is, they will not be happy that they insisted that they have that to drink.  The same goes when you tell them that they would probably prefer the grilled cheese over the chicken strips.  They will insist that they want the chicken strips.  And then be not so thrilled that they don't like the chicken strips and do in fact have to eat them.

Oh to be five again!

At least we got to ride the monorail and play in the Children's Museum!

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