Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg Dying

We waited to dye our Easter eggs until Easter. I know, slackers! But we were waiting to do it until we got to Seattle and then Saturday was crazy with whale watching and the outlets and lunch and Target and all the Easter prep. So Easter morning it was!

Not that the kids minded they just wanted to dye the eggs!

Preston took it very seriously.  He watched over his eggs and carefully picked the colors.  Mostly green.  No surprise there!

How cute is he?!!

We hard boiled a ton of eggs.  To many probably.  Preston finished his but I'm sure he would have been content doing less.  In the end it was more me and Caelan doing the work than the kids.  Note to self six dozen eggs for two kids is overkill!

But the eggs were very bright!

And fun was had!

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