Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Boy And His Best Friend

Preston loves our cat, Monti! They are the very best of buds! You would think that it would be a one sided friendship since Preston spends a lot of time carrying Monti around and not quite torturing him but close.  But nope.  Monti loves Preston.  He sleeps with him at night.  Sits with him during the day.  Snuggles up with him randomly.  And totally puts up with him all day long.

It's seriously so cute.  When Preston goes to bed he asks for Monti so he isn't scared.  When he gets hurt he cries for Monti and Monti's snuggles.  Throughout the day he watches to see if Monti needs to go out or come in.  He turns the sink on when Monti gets thirsty (yes, Monti drinks out of the running faucet).  He plays with Monti.  And puts Monti in timeout on the rare occasion that Monti scratches him.  On one occasion he even made Monti a sled cat after seeing the movie Sled Dogs.  It was short lived as Monti didn't really enjoy the experience, even though it made me and Preston laugh to have our own sled cat.

They are best friends.

I know people like to say a boy and his dog.  But in our house it's a boy and his cat!

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