Thursday, March 21, 2013

28 Weeks

How Far: 28 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Nope. I am buying certain shirts and such in bigger sizes. I'm thinking I probably won't do a whole lot of maternity clothes. More so just the next size up.

Weight Gain: Fifteen to Eighteen pounds.

Stretch Marks: Just Preston's. Hopefully it stays that way!

Belly Button: Starting to pop out.

Best Moment: I started registering this week and had the cutest registry buddy! Hurray! And my Mom and sister are getting my baby shower invites ready to be sent out! How is this happening so fast. We also picked up her crib! It's not sitting in her room since her room is still under construction, but it's in a box in our house! And I ordered one of her two dressers! Olivia is going to have some furniture!

Worst Moment: Brad finished painting the walls in her bedroom. Which should have been awesome. Except I walked in and it wasn't how I wanted it to look. Which led to me and Brad brainstorming on how to make it work. There are these little built in wall shelves in all of our bedrooms. Which is nice. Most of the time. Not when you want stripes on the walls. The shelf made them look funny on two of the walls and it just wasn't working. Brad started looking for all new ideas, while I tried to think of what would make the stripes work. Seriously, he came upstairs with an idea to start all over with polka dots! The only thing we knew for sure was that her walls were not done and were going to have to be changed somehow to make them work with what we both wanted. So Brad wasn't done painting.

Foods I Hate: Can't think of anything specific.

Foods I Love: Mexican food. But if we're being honest I always love Mexican food!

Cravings: I can't think of any this week.

Sleep: Not too bad. I'm getting up to pee a couple of times a night, but I'm not uncomfortable when I go to sleep.

Movement: She's active! And getting more and more active! Mostly in the morning and night. But that could just be because that is when I am most inactive so I really notice her moving around.

Symptoms: I'm getting cramps, in my butt. It's like I pulled a muscle! Not loving those. Luckily they aren't all the time. I've also started nesting. Brad came home and I was like look what I did, and had to show him all of the things I rearranged. Like the whole kitchen. And the junk drawer is clean and organized. I'm not actually cleaning things though. Just rearranging things. Ha! I also had my glucose test this week.  Yum.  For the record the "sprite" flavored drink is not at good as the orange one!

Emotions: I want her room done. Like yesterday. Having to figure it all back out is not working for me. Especially since it means we have to wait that much longer to have new carpet installed because we don't want to do that until the paint is done. But at the same time knowing her crib is here is exciting. And that one of her dressers is on it's way gives me hope, we'll be ready in time!


Next up 29 weeks!

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Unknown said...

You are so stinkin' cute! Glad you're having such a gerat pregnancy...hope the room gets all sorted out soon...can't wait to see pictures!