Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter In Seattle

Preston must have been excited about Easter this year. He was up early! I totally didn't expect him to be the first of the kids awake!

We let him do half of the Easter egg search in the house.  Every year the Easter Bunny hides the pretty eggs in the house filled with candy!  Preston was all over this.  As well as having candy as an early breakfast.  It was a holiday after all.

After everyone was up we all started searching for our Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny had hidden the night before.

Poor Preston seemed to find everyone else's before finding his!

Of course once he'd found his basket he had to go through all of the goodies in it!  And there were a lot of them!

In between tickles from Daddy of course!

How Preston repacked his Easter basket.  Not quite as pretty as the Bunny did but it still got the job done.

Then came Easter presents!

I had no idea what to get him for Easter so I'd asked Brad to pick something up.  He'd ran to Target after work one day and grabbed Preston a set of Batman action figures that he'd been pointing out.  Then when we stopped at Target the night before Easter I found Simba, Preston has been obsessed with The Lion King lately so I knew he would love it.  So he got two Easter gifts from us instead of just one.  It's a rough life he leads!

Brad and Jen picked up some of the Easter Bunny's slack and headed out back to hide the eggs. The Easter Bunny didn't hide the eggs for the hunt the night before because one we went outside to check to see if the jelly beans had grown into lollipops and two we knew that the crows would get into all of them.  While they did that Caelan and I got to dye the real eggs with the Preston and Mads!

We all had a late breakfast and then got showered and cleaned up to head out for the Easter Egg hunt!  We had to shower and get dressed so that the pictures would be cute, duh!  Which of course they were.  I will prove it!

Preston picked up an egg filled with ants at some point in the beginning and then when we went to dump his basket into a bag so that he could keep going, there were soooooo many eggs, we realized it.  Lucky little boy that he is Aunt Caelan sat and cleaned his basket out while he kept hunting for eggs!

And when the egg hunting was over, he hunted for flowers!

My adorable little boy and his overly full basket full of eggs!

The twos of them.

My little family!

We decided that since the kids still had all of this energy and it was so beautiful out to head out for a walk.

Preston caught a ride from Daddy!

Somehow Brad ended up walking with both kids.

Our walk led us to 7-Eleven for slurpees.  A win for everyone.  And then to the park to play for a little while.

Before we realized what time it was and figured it was probably time to head back to the house to start dinner.

While the ladies cooked, the kids raced around outside enjoying the weather!  And Aunt Caelan!

We ended up having a fabulous spread for dinner.  Way more food than it was possible for all of us to eat!

After we'd all dished up and were seated at the table outside, Preston said a prayer.  It was the cutest thing ever.  Not even lying.  He thanked God for the sunshine.  For the day.  For the food.  Asked for more sunshine.  And it to be hot enough to play outside.  He went on for a good five minutes.  It was both sweet and hilarious all at the same time.  I love Preston's prayers!

Dinner was amazing.  We were all sooooooo full when we stopped eating.  But still had to eat dessert, after all it was a cake shaped like an egg and it was Easter!

A great Easter!  And a busy one.  We all passed out early!

Hope everyone else had a great Easter with family as well!

Jelly Bean Planting

I’d read on Pinterest about the idea of having the kids plant jelly beans the night before Easter so that the Easter Bunny can use his magic to make them grow into lollipops.

Super cute right?

So of course we had to do it.

Preston and Madison each got three special jelly beans to plant and we headed outside before bed to plant them.

We then covered them up with a bucket to keep the crows and nighttime visitors from getting to them.

Then sometime in the middle of the night, the magic happened and those jelly beans grew into lollipops!

And got covered right back up with the bucket to wait for Preston and Madison to wake up Easter morning and find them!

Oh the excitement!

You seriously should have seen their faces when they walked out in the morning and lifted the bucket to see that six lollipops had grown!

It was so stinkin’ cute! Definitely something we’re going to have to add to the list of Easter traditions.