Friday, February 22, 2013

Say What Preston?!

Preston: "I'm going to be Iron Man when I grow up. But first I'm going to have to learn how to work my suit right?"

Me: "Your suit? Yep."

Preston: "And train!"


"Can we just stop talking about this now?"


"It's a long story."

For a month or so this was his answer for EVERYTHING. It was both funny and incredibly frustrating!


Me: "Oh so you didn't clean the play room?

Preston: "No, there's too much!"

Me: "So is that why the play room door is locked?"

Preston: "YES! No one can go in there until it's cleaned!"


Preston: "Mommy I love you so much!"

Me: "I love you too!"

Preston: "That was nice, can I have one of my toys back?"


Brad: "I had to carry the tree."

Me: "I had to carry the bag of stuff. And I had to carry the baby!"

Preston: "What baby?"

Me: "The one in my tummy."

Preston: "That doesn't count!"

Spoken like such a man. Who will never get pregnant and know that it does count!


"Anyways Daddy thinks we're slobs. He says we don't clean up enough."

HA! Too bad Brad is the messiest person in the entire house!


"NO! Because without me my team won't be awesome! I'm the awesome!"

We're really worried about him being insecure. Except not!


"Is it in the ghetto?"

That's my bad.


"Can we get drums? Real drums? And I will hit them as hard as I can. And they will be real loud. And I will wake everyone in our house up."

Can you guess what the answer was?


"I'm thirsty! I'm hungry! I wanna share the pillow!"

It was bedtime.


Preston: "Why do you have all those nails?"

Sales Clerk: "What nails?"

Preston: "In your face."

They were piercings! I almost died!


"I'm tired of this ring around the rosy. Up and down."


"That's my girl!"

To me! It was hilarious!


"Daddy you're a bad parent!"

And so it begins!


Preston: (Grunting from the backseat)

Me: "What are you doing?"

Preston: "I'm trying to turn into the Hulk! It's not working!"


"Your dog can't fly!"


"Stop opening the door! That's spying!"

Apparently he's too old to be checked on these days.


Preston: "Mason do you want to work at preschool?

Mason: "Okay."

Preston: "That's where I work!"

I think he meant that's where he goes to school! And he considers school his job!


"It landed ship shape!"


I had just told Preston that he needed to go to sleep because he was getting bags under his eyes...

"Looks like you have 'em too. You should go to sleep too."


Brad: "You want to stop?"

Me: "Yes!"

Preston: "You have to pee?"

Is it obvious that I pee a lot when I'm pregnant? HA!


Me: "How come he's not texting me?" (Talking about my Uncle who had messaged Brad.)

Preston: "Simple, he probably doesn't like you!"


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