Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monster Jam

Monster Jam was coming to town. By some totally awesome chance, I won tickets! I signed up for a friend's blog giveaway and we won!! We were so excited!!

We won four tickets so we let Preston decide who to bring along. Of course he picked Mase!

The boys were both so excited to head in and see all the big trucks!

I had never been to Monster Jam before but Brad had so we were prepared for the noise with ear plugs and ear muffs.

I wasn't sure how the boys would do.  But they had a lot of fun!  They bounced around in the area we were sitting a little but they thought the whole thing was pretty cool.

They did get a little antsy during the first half since there was so much downtime between performances.  But we all survived!

Cutest picture EVER!

Of course at intermission we had to go get souvenirs   The most ridiculous ones ever.  But that's what these two wanted.  Then they proceeded to each take a couple of bites and were over them.  At least we got to take the cups home?

The second half was much more exciting.  Or at least I thought so.  I think the boys did too.  It was just faster paced!

While the fan favorite at this whole thing seems to be Gravedigger me and Preston had different opinions.   Preston's favorite was the Batman car.  I didn't really pick a favorite.  I just didn't like Gravedigger.  It seemed like he was just winning because people wanted him to win instead of him actually winning.  It's kind of like my thing with Tom and Jerry and Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner.  Why can't Tom just catch Jerry once?  Or Wiley Coyote eat that damn Roadrunner?!  Huh?  Boo!

We all had a good time!

It was a madhouse when we were trying to leave.  Absolute chaos.  But we didn't lose either boy!  Not even for a second.  Score!  Even if Preston did think for a good ten or so seconds he had lost us.  He'd wandered over to the windows and wasn't paying attention and a huge crowd surge happened and he turned and couldn't see us and it freaked him out a little bit.  Since he's a little bit of a wanderer (a little bit, HA!), I let him look around for a second before I grabbed his hand.  I just wanted him to see how quickly you can get lost when you don't stay close after you've been told to!  Life lesson even amid all the fun.

I'm thinking that when Monster Jam comes around next year Preston is going to want to go again!

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