Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dinner Date

Preston and I headed out for a dinner and a movie with some of our favorite friends, Kelly and Zack! It was a Mommy date with our big boys!

Rise of the Guardians was playing at a local discount theater and even though both boys had already seen it we thought it sounded like fun so we all went to see it again!

After the movie we headed to Chili's for dinner!

Preston and Zack insisted that they sit on the same side together. So me and Kelly sat across from them. When you're on a date with your big boys you do what they want to do!

Everyone had a great time and the boys were not happy when it was time to go. Can't lie, the Mommy's didn't want to go either!

Well almost everyone had a good time. Iron Man had it a little rough!

Now we'll just have to schedule more dates with our big boys!

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