Thursday, February 21, 2013

24 Weeks

How Far:  24 weeks

Maternity Clothes:  Nope.  Still getting close.  I could probably wear them but I still fit in enough of my things and I just don't feel like going shopping for the things I need.

Weight Gain:  Not sure.  More than ten pounds.  I have a doctor appointment tomorrow so I'll find out!

Stretch Marks:  None from Olivia.

Belly Button:  Still hovering somewhere in the middle.  It's still in, but it's working it's way out.

Best Moment:  She's moving around more.  Makes her seem so much more real!  And I got a hair cut.  A much needed hair cut.  My hair has been out of control lately.

Worst Moment:  I spotted.  Barely.  But the site of blood, even old blood, is enough to freak a person out.  I know what caused it and it's totally normal but still.  Worst moment of the week.

Foods I Hate:  I can't think of anything.

Foods I Love:  I had steak at my parents house.  It was amazing.  Just thinking about it makes me want it again!

Cravings:  Ice cream.  So typical pregnant person right?  Ha!  Plus those damn deli sandwiches too.  Especially when the hubs keeps talking about this amazing sandwich shop.

Sleep:  It's better.  I'm still waking up before I normally would but I'm working on getting better about going to sleep earlier so that it's not so terrible and world ending.

Movement:  She is moving around more!  I love this part.  I'm still waiting for her to big enough that I can poke her to get her going but she has very active moments!  On Sunday I was laying in bed enjoying the quiet of a still sleeping house when Olivia got going, so I figured I might as well get up since she was kicking me out of bed!  Everyone got donuts as a result!

Symptoms:  Just the growing belly.  I've been feeling my uterus stretching lately as she grows and takes up more space too!

Emotions:  Stressed.  There is so much to do.  And buy.  And finish.  And order.  And even though it seemed like we had all this time, it doesn't anymore!


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Unknown said...

You are so stinkin cute..and I'm so jealous you don't even need maternity stuff yet..I was in it starting at 10 weekS!