Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Marine Life Center

While in Bellingham I found another spot to check out from the list of things in the area.

It was the Marine Life Center down on the water.

I wasn't sure what to expect since the info on the site was limited but figured it was worth popping in.

I'm glad we did!  It was small.  But Preston enjoyed the visit.  And it was free.

Plus everyone working and volunteering inside were amazing.

We walked in and Preston immediately headed over to the big tank to take a look.  This one was a no touch tank but there was a lot of fun stuff to look at!

After he got a peek they pointed out the smaller tank that was hands on.  Preston was all over that.  The water was cold but he did not care!

The totally awesome lady who worked there stood by and answered his questions and told him about the different things inside the tank.  Preston is definitely a question asker so he loved this part and that she stood by and answered everything he asked!

Then one of the volunteers pointed out that they had an octopus on the other side of the room.  And offered to feed it if we wanted to watch!  Ummm yes please!  The octopus stayed pretty hidden most of the time but it was cool to watch it grab onto the food and eat it!

Then Preston climbed under the bubble to get a peek of what another tank looked like from the inside!

And when Preston couldn't see some of the cool stuff inside the tank because it was in the back the volunteer we were chatting with invited him to climb back behind the tank of the ledge so he could see better! 

Back to the touch tank he went after that!  He loved the anemones and how they closed up when you touched them!  And was even more excited when the lady came back into the room with some new additions to the touch tank and let him help put them in!

The whole visit was just so impressive.  Typically when we do places like this I feel like they are so over people visiting that they find you to be more of an annoyance than a welcome guest.  Not here.  They were so hands on!

Preston had a great time!  And so did I!

Made even better when they let Preston pick some treasure that they had "found" when we were leaving!  He was so excited about his treasure from the ocean!

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