Monday, January 7, 2013

Feeding Some Penguins

After a rough start to the morning, we finally got to the zoo! We had to drop Brad off so he could head to Bellingham, where we would meet him later, and then met Madison and her nanny!

The zoo was doing some construction and I accidentally parked at the wrong entrance so we had to walk all the way around the zoo to meet them.  I was kicking myself!   But we saw the hippos on our way around to the penguins where we were meeting them!

After walking all the way around, we finally made it.  Dang construction really made that harder and longer than it needed to be!

We were meeting them over by the penguins so when we got there we stopped to watch the penguins.

They were particularly interested in Preston this visit and he loved it.  One specifically kept following his hand as he ran it along the glass.

After the penguins we headed in to the reptile room.  It was a little chilly outside and after walking around the zoo, me and Preston were up for some warmth.  And the reptile room is definitely warm.  And Preston loves seeing all of the snakes.  It's one of his favorite parts of the zoo.

It was still just so cold out so next we headed towards the jaguars and then into the tropical rain forest since it's warm in there too!

This really was the trip all about being warm.  Because brrrr!

Next we went and had lunch in the cafe.  It was lunchtime and we were hungry.  Plus it was warm in there!

Madison and Pia had to head home for nap time after we ate and when we walked with them towards the entrance they came in, we saw that you could feed the penguins.  Ummm yes please.

So after saying good-bye we went ahead and bought Preston a ticket to feed some penguins!

He was so excited, we've never fed penguins before!

You don't actually hand feed them.  Instead they use a red ball to show the penguins there is food and when they swim over you lean over this piece of glass and drop the little fish down to them.   Preston loved it!

Then we worked our way back around the zoo to get back to where we came in so that we could head to Bellingham to meet back up with Brad at the hotel.

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