Thursday, January 3, 2013

17 Weeks

Seventeen weeks was a quiet week.

It was kind of nice for a change.

I could eat the things I wanted to eat.

I could sleep.

I had most of my energy back.

We also headed out of town with Brad. He had to work in Bellingham and since the hotel was paid for we figured we'd come too!

Let me just tell you being able to eat again makes traveling so much easier!

I'm noticing more of Olivia's little flutters. But they still aren't big enough that they are more than just flutters here and there. I'm really looking forward to that part!

Also, Olivia decided we don't have Red Robin's grilled cheese anymore! I was ridiculously excited about that one. I love their grilled cheese and Red Robin is Preston's favorite restaurant, but Olivia had decided that she hated grilled cheese pretty much as soon as a I got pregnant. Not anymore!

It's the little things like feeling her flutter around in there and being able to eat grilled cheese again that made this week awesome!

The belly...

It is definitely growing! But not all the way out there enough that I feel like the random person would know that I'm pregnant.  I feel more like people must be thinking that I really need to start wearing the next size up in clothes because I have clearly outgrown mine and that I'm just not willing to deal with the fact that I've gained weight.  If that makes any sense!  I'm still in that phase where I want to make a shirt that says, "Not chubby, just PREGNANT!"  Ha! 

Next up eighteen weeks!

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