Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jump Jump Jump

We went to the jumping place!  They moved to a new building and we hadn't been yet to check it out. 

Preston loves the place!  He's loved it since he was little.  So I was excited to see what Olivia thought!

Getting ready to do the big slide!

We're going to go again! 

I'm not sure if Olivia loved it or not.  She seemed a little impartial.  She was also tired so that didn't help.  We're going to have to try again to see if she likes it more. 

Preston loved it.  No surprise there.  He raced around the whole time we were there.  Bouncing from room to room and bouncy castle to bouncy castle! 

I wish it wasn't so hard to find a time to take both of them!  Winter break for the win this time. 

Five Years!

Brad and I celebrated our five year anniversary! Which is just crazy. Because one, it's already been five years. What! And two, it's only been five years. Ha!

Really though we've been together a lot longer than that (eight and a half years since we started dating!), so I always feel like the anniversary of when we finallllllly put a ring on it is kind of silly. But an excuse to sneak out and have dinner together to celebrate works for me!

Preston of course had to get in on the picture taking.  Who am I to say no to the other Pitts boy who has my heart? 

And then just because he's so dang cute!

Happy Five Year Anniversary to the man I could not be more grateful to be sharing my life with. Someone who loves me so fully, works so hard for our family, stands by me always, saves me the outside crust of brownies, and has created the most beautiful children with me! I am so very blessed! Can't wait to see what our future holds!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Photos With My iPhone Week 29


Sleepy girl!
He was just hanging out like this at my parents house while my Mom told him a story!
I love how she crosses her little legs!
Some mancala with Grandpa.


That was not good!
An attempt at packing up Christmas.


Air hockey between friends! 
We love getting to see pre-k friends during Christmas break!

Until next week!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


We went to the movies!

Brad and I had been wanting to see Frozen. I mean Preston had been wanting to see Frozen. Ahem. The plan was to go to the movies for Mason's birthday and once we found out that Brad would be home we switched movies from Walking With Dinosaurs to Frozen. Because let's be real, it was an easy choice!

These boys were excited!

As was Olivia for her first movie!

Brad thought it was so fun that I was taking pictures in the movie!  Nothing had even started yet.  Okay the movie hadn't started.  But the previews might have.  Pssssh.

Olivia did so awesome at her first movie!  She watched the first few minutes.  Then fell asleep for the entire middle.  Woke up and nursed and watched the ending.  It was such a perfect first movie for my little girl!

The songs are totally stuck in my head!  I cannot wait to own it!  It was that good!

Happy FOURTH Birthday Mason

For Mason's birthday, his FOURTH birthday, per his request we all met at McDonald's for lunch!

While Preston was racing around and arguing about sitting down to eat anything because umm playtime, Olivia was quietly taking in all the choas that is a McDonald's play area at lunch!

She scratched herself under her little eye.  Poor girl!

After lunch we headed to the movies! 

Happy Birthday Mason, we love you!!

Elf The Elf Returns

Christmas means the return of Elf the Elf!  Preston couldn't have been more excited!

Here were some of our favorite ways that we woke up to Elf the Elf this year!

Trapped by the Halo guys sneaking in on the first night back...

Toilet papering our tree...

Bring Preston the bad news that after a particularly bad day, he was on the naughty list.  *Gasp!*...

All buckled up and ready to go the morning of Preston's field trip downtown...

He put Preston's underwear all over our tree...

Elf in a box...

Preparing for his journey home with Santa on Christmas Eve...

The final morning in our house he brought an updated list and Preston was on the nice list!  To say he was excited would be an understatement!  He even put it in the window so Santa wouldn't miss it!

We can't wait for Elf the Elf's return next year!  Here's hoping he brings a friend for Olivia!

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve did not exactly go the way I planned. At least it didn't start the way I planned.

Brad was coming home early. We were going to go to the Christmas Eve church service. Watch Christmas movies. Just enjoy the day.

Until I realized that Olivia hadn't pooped. Hadn't pooped in a few days and she was majorly uncomfortable about it. It was AWFUL! So instead of the day we planned we cancelled everything, we didn't get dressed, I called the doctor's office three times to talk to the nurse, and we tried to get Liv to poop so that we didn't have to spend Christmas in the ER since the nurse said if she didn't go then we'd have to bring her in.

Good news? She pooped! Bad news? One day she might hate me for posting about how she spent her first Christmas Eve.

Great news? We were still able to head to my Aunt's house for her annual Christmas Eve party!

Miss Livs and Haylie!

We started the gift exchange!  Olivia got to go first since she's the littlest!  Her present came from Lily!

Thankfully Preston was there to help her open her gift since she wasn't sure what was going on.

But once it was open she was all over that toy!  It was serious business!

Then it was Preston's turn!  His present was from Braydon!

Olivia decided to return the favor and help him open his.  Only he wasn't really feeling it.  She kept reaching and he kept scooting away!  Poor big brother!  He handled it like a champ!

Finally he gets to open his present in peace.

Liv's just going to watch from a distance.  Preston has all the best things!

He very nicely handed her some wrapping paper and ribbon when he was done.  Such a sweet boy!  And she was enthralled.

Preston drew Alyse's name!  He was so excited that he got to get her a present, she's one of his favorites!

Olivia was very busy deciding between her new toy and the ribbon Preston gave her.

While Preston tossed the football around with the boys!

My parents!

Preston having a good time with my Uncle Tony!

And then boxing it out with my Uncle Joe!

What's Christmas without some full on boy fun!

My Aunt and Uncle's dog seriously knows the coolest trick.  My Uncle pretends to shoot him and says bang bang and Rudy rolls over onto his back and convulses.  Every single time we go over there I ask him to do the trick.  It is just so hilarious! 

While we were downstairs Preston was upstairs with Trey.  Checking out the lizard.  He walked downstairs with it and came up behind me and I almost had a heart attack!  He LOVED it!

We got home late.  Which is pretty usual for Christmas Eve!

Preston got to say his good-byes to Elf the Elf.  He was so nervous to touch him and give him hugs.  I had to convince him a little bit.  Even then he held Elf for just a second and then set him back down real quick! 

Then Preston opened his Christmas Eve present.  He'd only been talking about doing it all day!

He got Lego Batman for the XBox from me and Brad!

Poor Livs missed out on all the fun since she'd already gone to bed.

We set out cookies for Santa.

Then Brad and Preston headed downstairs to read The Night Before Christmas.

It was bedtime!

Until I realized that we'd forgotten to sprinkle the reindeer food outside that Preston's teacher had given him to help guide the reindeer to our house.  So I ran downstairs to get Preston out of bed so we could head outside!  He was so excited! 

Then finally Preston really headed to bed for the night!

Brad and I were up late finishing wrapping presents.  Because apparently it's a thing in our house that every single year I wait until Christmas Eve to pull ALL of the presents out to be wrapped!  Ooops!

Hope we aren't the only ones who had a great Christmas Eve!