Monday, December 17, 2012

Which One Is Stronger?

Preston is supposed to be in bed.

He's not.

Instead I just heard him call out a question for me from his bedroom.

"Mama, which one is stronger?"

I look out my bedroom door to see his head pop out his.

He's wearing a pirate hat.

"A pirate?"

He pops back into his room.

Next he pops back out, this time wearing a camo army style hat.

"Army of States?"

He pops back into his room.

And pops back out, wearing an Iron Man mask.

"Or Iron Man?"

Again he pops back into his room.

Only to pop back out, one more time. This time wearing a Captain America mask.

"Or Captain America?"

This boy. I love him so much. So much personality in such a small package!

In case you were wondering I answered with Iron Man.

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