Thursday, December 20, 2012

The First 15 Weeks

Where to begin?

I found out I was pregnant early.

Right before four weeks.

It just so happened that I had my annual appointment with my OB-GYN four days later.  Talk about perfect timing.

Since I was there I asked my doctor a couple of questions, he scheduled me for blood work and I left my appointment with my pregnancy feeling just a little more real.

I had my first blood draw on Monday.  Then went back in for my second one on Wednesday so that they could compare the numbers.  My doctor doesn't come into the office on Thursday so he'd warned me that he wouldn't call me with my results until Friday.

Which wasn't a big deal.  Until I woke up Thursday morning and had a little bit of spotting and FREAKED OUT.  I called my office and spoke with a nurse who promised to have another doctor in the practice call me back.

Not much later the other doctor called me.  He'd pulled my lab results so that he could look them over and give them to me while he talked to me about the spotting.

My lab results showed that while my HCG levels were awesome and more than doubling, my progesterone had dropped a point from Monday to Wednesday.  Which wasn't great.  It was still above a level that my doctor and those in his practice found alarming.  But that combined with the spotting was alarming.

So I was started on progesterone at four weeks and six days.

Week five passed by with another blood test.  This time to make sure that not only was my HCG going up but also that my progesterone was now too with the help of the pills I was now taking.

Good news, it was!

I opened my pregnancy app one night during five weeks and this popped up.  I got such a kick out of the option to "rate my pregnancy today".  I don't know why, but I found it hysterical.

Week six, was not good.  Week six is when pregnancy and all of the hormones that come with it kicked in.

Week six was the start of morning sickness.

I thought I was dying.  Like actually dying.

It was nothing like what I had with Preston.  NOTHING!  With Preston I was tired.  And felt slightly nauseous at night but I was still able to function.  I mean I worked full time in an office all the way up until I was eight months pregnant with Preston.  This go around, I couldn't even get out of bed.

I spent all day feeling sick.  Like I needed to throw up.  Half the time wishing I would throw up because maybe it would make me feel better.

I told Brad at one point that it was like the worst hangover ever.  Only it didn't go away or get better throughout the next day.  And I'd wake up with it all over again the next day.  And the next one.  And the next one.

I did throw up some mornings.  But only when I brushed my teeth.  That was pretty consistent with my pregnancy with Preston, so I kind of expected it.  With Preston though it only made me gag.  With June Baby I would dry heave every morning after brushing my teeth.  Except the one morning I made the mistake of eating before brushing my teeth.  That morning since I had oatmeal in my stomach, I threw up oatmeal.  I don't know what was more upsetting that morning, the fact that I'd thrown up or the fact that it meant I was going to have to eat again.

I only actually threw up once without my toothbrush.  After drinking a glass of prune juice.  I drank it and then just knew that I was going to be sick.  And I was.  It was disgusting.  You know what tastes worse than drinking a glass of prune juice?  Throwing up a glass of prune juice.

I stopped functioning.  Stopped leaving the house unless I had to. Stopped shopping.  And cooking.  And cleaning.  It was all I could do to get out of bed while Brad was working.  And back into bed once he got home.

Poor Preston.  We watched a lot of movies.  And he spent a lot of time playing on his own with his toys.  We spent a lot of time on the couch.

Poor Brad.  He was left to pick up my slack.  He had to do the cleaning, the cooking, the shopping.  And when Brad would get home from work Preston was so ready to do something more than hang out with me that him and Preston would go into the playroom and play for hours.

I couldn't handle anything to do with food.  I didn't want to eat it.  I didn't want to see it.  I definitely didn't want to smell it.

It was a NIGHTMARE!  I love food.  Love eating.  And guess what else, you have to eat.  It's not really an optional thing.  So I was forcing myself to choke down food.  Even though I wanted nothing to do with it.

The only thing I could handle was Mexican food.  Which funny enough was my biggest craving with Preston.   Luckily for me Brad was willing to go pick it up from my favorite restaurant for me when I asked for it.

See the biggest problem I had was that I couldn't handle the smells of food.  At all.  So walking into a restaurant even to pick up my to go order was not going to work.  It was bad enough at home.  When Brad and Preston had dinner, the windows had to be opened and I had to go downstairs and hide out while it cooked and they ate.  If I didn't I felt even worse.  It was like the smell was suffocating me.

The only good thing about week six was that at six week and five days I got to go in for an ultrasound to see June Baby!

Since I was on progesterone my doctor wanted to monitor me more closely, so I would be seeing him every two weeks for an ultrasound to check up on baby.

This morning sickness went on through week eight.

Then it let up...slightly.

I still felt awful.  Just not like I was dying.

By now though I was exhausted.

And still didn't feel good enough to really function.

Strangely enough I would feel better when I got up and going.  But getting up and going was so draining that it didn't happen a whole lot.  Plus the act of getting up and out of the house was hit and miss, sometimes I felt better and others worse.

I did get to see June Baby again.  At eight weeks and five days.

And again at nine weeks and four days.

I had minor spotting the day before and called my doctor's office and spoke to the nurse who scheduled me for an ultrasound the following morning just to calm my nerves that things were okay.

Towards the end of ten weeks food started sounding...less awful.

I actually found myself wanting Chinese food.  So I went out and bought some.

Worst mistake ever.  I felt HORRIBLE afterwards.

At ten weeks and six days I also took my last progesterone pill.  My doctor said that the placenta would take over creating the progesterone for my body by now so I no longer needed them.  That was such a relief since I'd been wondering if they were adding to how crappy I felt.  Plus they made me so tired!  And had other not so fun or blog worthy side effects!  

Week eleven was more of the same.

At this point I started to realize that anything greasy or not great for me made me feel like crap.  It was not a great realization.  I like to eat crap.  I would definitely not describe myself as a healthy eater.  So not being able to eat the foods I wanted was new territory for me.

I had also learned at this point that protein was my friend.  It helped.  A lot.

I started eating McDonald's breakfasts.  It was so good.  A sausage mcmuffin, a hashbrown, and some orange juice.  For some reason it worked.  And made me feel so much better.  Good enough to run a couple of errands.  To get some things done.

I also realized that if I ate something that didn't make me feel sick for dinner than I was able to get things done that night.  And woke up feeling less than horrible.  So when I needed to get something done, Brad would pick me up Mexican food the night before so that I could make it happen since that seemed to be the only food other than McDonald's breakfast that didn't make me feel sick.

At eleven weeks and three days we saw June Baby again!

Then at eleven weeks and six days we shared the news of June Baby with everyone!

Luckily I felt good all day on Thanksgiving.  It was such a blessing to be able to enjoy the day.  And the food.  I think June Baby was so excited about everyone finding out about him/her that he/she decided to cut me a break!  Ha!

Sometime during twelve weeks, I started telling Brad that baby had to be a girl.

My pregnancy with Preston was just so different.  Drastically so.

Plus I started joking that girls hate their Moms at some point and obviously June Baby was getting a jump start on that one.

And girls are more weight conscious, clearly that was why June Baby didn't love the food.  June Baby was already worrying about his/her weight, obviously a girl.

I also told him that at all of my ultrasounds June Baby measured right on schedule.  Whereas Preston was always big.  A week ahead.  Which at nine weeks led to my due date with him being moved up a week.  I told Brad that I was worried that if June Baby was a boy than he/she would really be the smaller brother/sister compared to Preston not just the younger one.  Preston is very tall for his height.  Always has been.  And if June Baby was a boy I thought it would suck to be average sized while your older brother is crazy tall.  Feel free to laugh.  Brad did.  As did my Mom.  And my friend Kelly when I told them.

Towards the end of twelve weeks I started to wonder if milk was making me sick.  I would feel fine if I stuck to foods that weren't greasy.  And completely bad for me.  But then I'd have a bowl of cereal.  Or a container of yogurt and I'd want to die.

So I started avoiding milk products on top of all of the other foods I was avoiding.

At thirteen weeks and three days I saw baby again.  Just because I asked if I could.  I had a regular appointment and the ultrasound room was free so my doctor told me we could pop in and take a peek.  I don't have a photo from this one.  I forgot to ask for one and my doctor forgot to give me one.  Not that it mattered, I still got to see baby.

It was also during thirteen weeks that I realized that I hated eating.  No matter what I ate.

I would wake up and feel fine.  All the way up until I ate.

So I would get up and try to get a ton done.  Since I'd started coming out of the fog of morning sickness I'd realized that leaving things up to Brad was not a good way to live.  He was messy.  Mine and his ideas of clean were very different!

The thing was that if I didn't eat before long I would start to feel sick.  So I would have to eat something.

It was this never ending cycle of feeling sick because I was avoiding eating because eating made me feel sick.  And eating because I'd started feeling sick because I was hungry.  Only to feel sick because I'd eaten.  It was awesome.  Except not.

Then something happened, just as I'd started to resign myself that I was going to feel this way through my whole pregnancy with June Baby.

At some point during fifteen weeks I started to feel better.  I began getting my energy back.  Food didn't sound terrible anymore.  I even found myself wanting to eat!

It was the best thing ever!

I felt like an actual person again!

Because this post wouldn't be complete without belly photos, I will share some.

I had told myself I would start taking them immediately when I got pregnant this time since I didn't take them at all with Preston but with feeling horrible it didn't really happen.

So they begin at thirteen weeks.

But first something to compare with.

I came across this photo when I was organizing the photos from my iPhone into files.  I don't exactly know why I took it.  I guess I felt thin that day?  Or thought my sports bra and tank top made me look thin?  Who knows.  But it's a couple months before we got pregnant.  It's from before we'd even started trying.

Pre-June Baby...

At thirteen weeks...

At fourteen weeks...

At fifteen weeks...

Next up, sixteen weeks!


Kelly said...

I only laugh because I'm afraid that's how my two boys are going to be. I LOVE the belly pics!!!!

Unknown said...

You are so stinkin' cute! SO glad you're feeling better now! Now you know why we're sticking with just two..that's how I felt the whole time!