Thursday, January 31, 2013

21 Weeks

How far:  21 Weeks

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet.  But I'm getting there.  At least for pants.  Currently I can't button them and am using a rubber band to keep them closed.  Looks like pregnancy and size threes with a twenty six waist don't really go together all that well!  Ha!

Weight Gain:  I saw my Dr on Wednesday and I have gained nine pounds so far.  Not bad!  I need to figure out what I weigh on my home scale (since it's always different than the one at my Dr's office) and start keeping track of what I've gained!

Stretch Marks:  No new ones.  I have a couple of little ones on my side from Preston that usually aren't visible but are starting to become more noticeable, to me at least! 

Belly Button:  Still in.  But starting to try to pop out.

Best Moment:  She is starting to move around more and I can feel her.  In fact today she had like a ten minute movement party that I was invited to be apart of!

Worst Moment:  I can't really think of one.  I'm not sleeping great.  So that sucks.  Mostly because I am having crazy dreams and having to pee ALL THE TIME!

Foods I Hate:  Nothing specific.  Right now at least.  I don't like the smell of a lot of things still.  But I can't think of anything I hate.

Foods I Love:  Thai food.  I picked some up for takeout and it pretty much completed my life.  I also had to have me some cereal this week.  Honey Bunches of Oats to be specific.  Even though I knew it might make me feel crappy I needed it.  And it did.  Dang milk thing.

Cravings:  A glass of milk!  Especially when I eat dinner at my parents.  I'm good at home since none of us are big milk drinkers.  But when I eat at my parents there are always like two gallons of milk on the table and I always have a glass of milk there with dinner.  So that sucked.  Also I am still craving deli sandwiches.  Like nobody's business.  I want one so bad.  This one has been my biggest craving during pregnancy.  Probably because I can't have one.  Brad even sent me a picture of one he was eating at work and it was almost the end of our marriage, I was so jealous.

Sleep:  Like I said above, not great.  I just keep waking up to pee.  When I'm not waking up from my crazy dreams.

Movement:  Yep!  I can feel her moving around in there!  I still can't find her when I poke around my stomach and prompt it though.  Am I the only one who does this?  I used to do it to Preston all the time.  And I've been trying to do it to Olivia, but she's still so small that she seems to be able to just move away from my poking instead of pushing back.

Symptoms:  I'm tired.  Probably because I'm not sleeping.  Because I'm peeing.  And having crazy dreams.  Have I mentioned I'm peeing and having crazy dreams yet?  Because I am.  Ha!

Emotions:  I'm excited!  And freaking out.  We are officially more than halfway there.  And I feel like nothing is done.  We have to finalize the colors for her bedroom.  Paint.  Replace the carpet.  Order her crib.  Decorate.  There is so much to do.  And it's really feeling like not enough time to do it!  I am also loving dressing my baby bump.  I find myself picking more of my tighter stretchy shirts so that it really stands out!

Belly Photo:

Next up twenty two weeks!

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