Thursday, December 27, 2012

16 Weeks

One of the highlights of sixteen weeks was finding out that June Baby is a girl!

Preston was over the moon about this news!  Absolutely ecstatic!  He wanted a baby sister.  Badly.  He'd been talking about his baby sister for about two and a half years.  That's a lot of waiting for a five year old.  Pretty sure in his mind it was about time he finally got her.

We, we being me and Brad, have decided to name her Olivia Marie.

Preston on the other hand has decided that her name should be Kitty Meow.  He's very insistent.

A photo from my ultrasound.  It's her foot.  Off on the right side.  It looked much clearer on the ultrasound versus when the photo was printed.

I spent sixteen weeks enjoying pregnancy.

I finally feel better!

Cue me dancing for joy.  

There has been a lot of eating.  And I've been enjoying the eating.

Christmas also happened!

Olivia wanted to do her best to make Christmas memorable.  I felt her move for the first time!

I was just sitting on the floor snuggling with Preston's cousin, Lily, and Olivia must not have loved having her space intruded on.  Or didn't like her Mommy snuggling with someone else.  Or maybe she just wanted to make sure that we knew who SHE was before she moved around for me.  But she did, she fluttered around inside my belly just enough that I just knew it was her!

The sixteen week photo...

Next up seventeen weeks!

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