Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I somehow didn't manage to take any photos on Thanksgiving.

I know, how did that even happen.

I think we were just so busy enjoying the time with family.  Preston practically disappeared to play with all of his cousins.  And me and Brad were relaxing and enjoying that he was completely entertained. 

Plus we were announcing to everyone that we were having a baby!

I did however manage to write down some of the hilarious things that were said.  What can I say, my family is hysterical.


"I told Travis that the next time he upsizes his TV I'm buying a movie theater.  This is getting out of hand."

My Grandpa talking about my Uncle's newest TV, all eighty inches of it.


"I don't always do the dishes.  But when I do, I make sure the whole family sees me!"


"I'm cleaning the things I drink out of."

My Uncle on his beer bottle.


"So Colten, when you have us over to...your car we will bring our own chairs."

My cousins car pretty much looks like he lives in it.  For real.


"No!  I'm allergic to push ups."


It was an awesome day.  Full of food, fun, and family.  And celebration! 

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