Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Say What Preston?!

"When you grab me, don't grab me like that. Grab me only a little when you grab me to eat me."


"It's my ketchup so I'll decide when I'm done!"


"Is this where God lives?"


Preston: "We're very close to each other."

Me: "Who?"

Preston: "Grandma."

Me: "Our houses?"

Preston: "Yeah."


"Why are they acting so childish?"


Preston: "It's not fair that I have to clean these things up.

Me: "Why? Is it fair that I have to clean this up when it's not my mess?"

Preston: "Yes, because life's not fair!"


Me: "What would you do if we left you?"

Preston: "Then I would set up toys everywhere. A huge mess. And set up some traps. And a whole toy house. And toys outside. Traps everywhere with toys."

Me: "Oh..."

Preston: "Do we have any hot stuff so I can make the doors hot?"

We've been watching Home Alone lately can you tell?


Preston: "And how did they get that wine?"

Me: "I don't know?"

Preston: "Because they don't have a grocery store!"


"Daddy you're annoying me!"


Brad: "Yeah, I'm the boss so that's nice."

Preston: "No Daddy you're not the boss, Mommy is!"


Preston: "Daddy did you go to work?"

Brad: "Yeah."

Preston: "Did I sleep long enough for you to come back?"

Brad: (Laughing)

Preston: "That's a long sleep right?"

Brad only worked for like an hour that day and was home by the time Preston woke up and Preston thought he'd slept all night and all day!


Me: "How old do you think Daddy is?"

Preston: "I don't know."

Me: "29!"

Preston: "You're about to be 30!

Me: "Right."

Preston: "Remember at the zoo when the walrus was 30?"


Grandma: "Preston, Grandma started buying your Christmas presents."

(Preston gets all excited.)

Preston: "It's Daddy's birthday though!"

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