Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday

My Mom went and bought Home Alone for Preston.  More accurately she searched all over to try to find it and finally did. 

I'd completely forgotten all about that movie.  I used to watch it all the time with my little sister and loved it.

Preston was no different.  He thought is was awesome and was totally into it.  He even asked to watch it again the next day!

Score for Grandma!


Preston is in the middle of a friendship triangle at preschool. 

He's still best friends with Cohen from last year, only now there is another little boy that they are friends with.

It's so cute to watch.

Except that three doesn't always work.  It's not that they don't all play together, it's just that Preston and Cohen have been friends longer and sometimes Aidan gets a little left out.  Or hurt feelings because the boys are already so close.  Add in that at four and five the boys aren't perfect at expressing themselves (at least I know Preston isn't) and sometimes it's a recipe for disaster.  We're working on this with Preston! 

I talked to Preston about inviting Aidan over to play and hew as all for it and so excited, so I'm hoping that if he gets to play with Aidan outside of school it'll help the triangle in school.


Preston had croup.  And still has the cold from it.  Or at least the cough.  It's been fun.

You know what isn't awesome?  Getting woken up repeatedly throughout the night when you are so exhausted anyways because you are in the middle of the first trimester and all you want to do is sleep all day anyways!

Luckily after only one night and one morning of the bad cough, I took him in and they diagnosed croup and gave him a steroid to help!

And help it did.  He slept so much better even that first night.


Croup meant that I ran out to get Preston a humidifier for his room. 

Who knew there were so many options.  We've actually had two humidifiers since having Preston, one broke and I'm not sure what happened to the other one.  Odd.  This time we got Freddy the Frog.  Here's hoping he lasts longer than those before him.

Plus Preston loves Freddy.  And he's green.


My house is a mess.  I'm not even sure if mess is the right word.  I think what's happening here is worse than that. 

I just haven't had the energy to keep up with all of it.  Not to mention the nausea. 

So between Brad trying to help after work and me trying to get things done when I don't feel like sleeping or throwing up, it's not all getting done. 

You really don't realize how much you get done when you feel up to par!  Or in Brad's case how much gets done behind the scenes!  Poor guy didn't realize that do a full load of dishes every single day.  Or that the little messes add up!  I'm strangely looking forward to getting back to taking care of my house!


We've put Preston on a new schedule.  We're on day two and it seems to be working much better.  For everyone involved.

Especially since Brad has been doing bedtime a lot more than I have these days.  As in most nights.  So bedtime had kind of become a disaster.  Now it seems to be getting back on track.  Preston is going to bed at the time that he used to with a schedule again.  And I wrote out a schedule for Brad and he has it programmed into his phone with alarms so he knows the whens and whats.  Here's to life getting back slowly but surely.


I am so behind on Christmas this year.  Usually by this point I am almost done.  This year I have barely started.  Time to get on it!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bakery Field Trip

Preston's preschool class went on a field trip to a bakery.

It had everything the kids needed. A field trip, cookies, and a walk outside.

We walked over and even though it was chilly and normally I would avoid being outside unless I had to, the fresh air felt good!

Once we got there they took the kids on a tour of the back rooms and kitchen and showed them where they make the breaks and cookies and treats.

I'm going to be honest, whenever we do a field trip to a place that cooks and they allow us in the back it totally grosses me out. Pretty much guarantees that I will never eat there again or never eat there ever. It's just all the kids in the back with the food. Coughing. And sneezing. And breathing on things. I know probably silly, but still.

The only exception was a pizza place we went to a few years ago. They kept all the food put away while we were there except for the pizza that the kids made to eat.

But back to this field trip!

After touring the back room, the kids headed back out to the front area where the bakery had set up an area for them to get to play with and roll out some dough.

There was flour every where. I felt bad but the bakery didn't seem to mind and must have expected a little bit of a mess.

And all of the kids seemed to have a great time!

After washing hands while the mess got cleaned up the kids sat back down for a cookie!

Before we all put coats and hats and gloves back on and headed back to preschool.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Say What Preston?!

"When you grab me, don't grab me like that. Grab me only a little when you grab me to eat me."


"It's my ketchup so I'll decide when I'm done!"


"Is this where God lives?"


Preston: "We're very close to each other."

Me: "Who?"

Preston: "Grandma."

Me: "Our houses?"

Preston: "Yeah."


"Why are they acting so childish?"


Preston: "It's not fair that I have to clean these things up.

Me: "Why? Is it fair that I have to clean this up when it's not my mess?"

Preston: "Yes, because life's not fair!"


Me: "What would you do if we left you?"

Preston: "Then I would set up toys everywhere. A huge mess. And set up some traps. And a whole toy house. And toys outside. Traps everywhere with toys."

Me: "Oh..."

Preston: "Do we have any hot stuff so I can make the doors hot?"

We've been watching Home Alone lately can you tell?


Preston: "And how did they get that wine?"

Me: "I don't know?"

Preston: "Because they don't have a grocery store!"


"Daddy you're annoying me!"


Brad: "Yeah, I'm the boss so that's nice."

Preston: "No Daddy you're not the boss, Mommy is!"


Preston: "Daddy did you go to work?"

Brad: "Yeah."

Preston: "Did I sleep long enough for you to come back?"

Brad: (Laughing)

Preston: "That's a long sleep right?"

Brad only worked for like an hour that day and was home by the time Preston woke up and Preston thought he'd slept all night and all day!


Me: "How old do you think Daddy is?"

Preston: "I don't know."

Me: "29!"

Preston: "You're about to be 30!

Me: "Right."

Preston: "Remember at the zoo when the walrus was 30?"


Grandma: "Preston, Grandma started buying your Christmas presents."

(Preston gets all excited.)

Preston: "It's Daddy's birthday though!"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Brad!

Brad turned 29 this year!

Don't mention to him that he's turning 30 next year, it's freaking him out a little bit!

We celebrated that night with dinner out at Olive Garden!

Preston insisted on drinking his water out of a wine glass.

And Brad finished the night off with some tiramisu.

Happy birthday babe! We love you and can't imagine life without you!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Announcing June Baby

I knew when we found out we were pregnant with June Baby that I wanted to announce our pregnancy and baby's upcoming June arrival in a fun way. Something more than just telling everyone that we were pregnant and due in June.

So I started looking around online and on Pinterest.

I found an idea that I liked and modified it a little bit and we were ready to start announcing.

My parents got the first announcement when we were seven weeks pregnant with our very first ultrasound photo.

We'd printed these off for them and stuck them in envelopes and handed them to them saying that we had something for them.

They were ecstatic!  My Mom had suspected that I was pregnant and confronted me about it a few days before but I distracted her from her question without actually answering her, so she'd assumed that she must have been wrong. 

After theirs I decided that I didn't like the pregnancy test being in there as much so I didn't add it to the other announcements. I was pretty sure that just seeing the ultrasound photo would be enough for everyone to understand!

After announcing to my parents we started announcing to immediate family at different intervals.

Everyone was pretty excited and a little bit surprised when I would send or hand them their personalized photo!

My littlest sister Marrissa had one of my favorite reactions.  I was sitting in my parents living room with her and texted her the photo I'd just made for her with our latest ultrasound.  I'd captioned it with, "Can you keep a secret?"  Then I waited for her to check her phone.  Being that she's a fourteen year old girl it took all of five seconds.  She opened it, read it, and then looked up at me with her eyes wide and asked, "Really?"  All done very quietly since I'd written that it was a secret!  It was fun to watch and see her surprise and excitmement!  

I wanted to be able to do a big announcement and have everyone hear the news of June Baby from us instead of it working it's way through the grapevine.

After we found out we were pregnant it wasn't long before I realized that I would be hitting twelve weeks the day after Thanksgiving. Which seemed perfect. What better day to announce that our family was growing than a day full of thankfulness? Add in that my whole family would all be in one place and we'd decided it was the perfect time to share our big news!  It seemed even more perfect, when my doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound on Monday the week of Thanksgiving.  Meaning that I would be able to announce June Baby with a new photo!  And as it turned out one that really looked like there was an actual baby in there!

I wanted Preston to be a part of sharing the news but didn't want to use the typical Big Brother shirt. So when I stumbled across this shirt on Pinterest, I knew I had to order one for him!  I loved that it could be personalized with baby's due date but also shared that Preston wasn't just going to be a big brother but that he was also losing his only child status!

On Thanksgiving, we had the mad scramble to get ready and out of the house with everything we were supposed to bring.  And to have Preston dressed in his new shirt.  With a shirt over it so that the news wouldn't be shared until everyone had arrived.

Preston was still in the dark at this point so we told him on our way to Thanksgiving (I'll share in another post!).

I had made another announcement that wasn't quite as personalized.  Instead of saying the specific family members name this one simply said family.  I'd printed off a bunch of them an put them into envelopes to be passed around after everyone had arrived.

When everyone had arrived we brought Preston into my sister's room and took his top shirt off so that you could see and read his new Only Child Expiring shirt.  And handed him a pile of envelopes.  He was excited to pass them out and share the news of June Baby.

While he handed them out, Brad and I stood off the side and watched and waited. 

He started in the kitchen which was where most of the women in my family were currently at.

My Aunt Kristin opened hers first and saw the photo and realized what Preston was handing out.  Then realized that everyone else was just holding on to their envelopes thinking that Preston was just playing and handing empty envelopes out to everyone.  Which is when she looked around the room and said to my Aunt Sheli, "You need to open your envelope NOW!"

And thus began the congratulations!

I love how excited my whole family was!   Everyone was thrilled!

My Uncle was even so adorable about it that after all of the Thanksgiving festivities were over and everyone was heading home he was trying to find his photo to take it home and my Aunt and cousin both told him not to stress it because they had theirs.  And he informed them that he wanted to keep his baby announcement thank you very much!

Since my Mom's side of the family lives in California and were refusing to answer their phones, I ended up texting all of them our big news!

After sharing the news with family, it was time to share it on Facebook with friends!

I had made another announcement using our ultrasound, this one saying friends.  And then forced Preston to stop playing with his cousins long enough to smile and let me take a photo of him in new shirt.  Then made the two photos into a collage on my phone.

And uploaded the new double photo to Facebook with the caption, "Feeling very thankful that God has blessed our family with this little one...AND this little one!  :)"

I love how our announcement announcements of June Baby went!

Everyone seemed surprised, which was what I was hoping to accomplish! Even friends who had started to suspect that I might have been pregnant (I'd turned into a little bit of a hermit between trying to keep June Baby a secret and dealing with all of the nausea) hadn't had it confirmed until our announcement.

Now to just wait until June for baby to arrive!

Finding Out About June Baby

We were trying to get pregnant with June Baby.

I even really wanted a baby in June.

But told myself not to get my hopes up to high because there are only at max five days you are fertile every month and that the percentages of getting pregnant are so ridiculously low. So the chance of us getting pregnant with the birth month I wanted when we were just starting to try wasn't all that high. But still I wanted a June Baby.

Please take note of what Mommy is saying June Baby. With your due date being only seven days into June, you better not even think about coming early. Don't even think about it.

Preston was born on his original due date so I'm hoping June Baby takes note.


The plan was that I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled out before we started trying. I'd been putting it off since I was pregnant with Preston. Yes, that long. First it was because I was pregnant, then because I was nursing, and then just because I was so afraid it was going to hurt and I don't do the whole pain thing.

My wisdom teeth came out August 24. And then there was the dry socket. But finally I was done with all of it and off of the pain pills and we were ready to try. And just in time because I was going to be ovulating and like I said I wanted a baby in June.

Then began the waiting. I swear that two weeks of waiting to see if you are going to get your period or see two pink lines on a pregnancy test is the longest wait ever.

I started to wonder when the headaches began. But again told myself not to get my hopes up. But with Preston headaches were a part of my pregnancy and seemed to be one of my signs of being pregnant.

Then on the drive home from Madison's birthday party I was nauseous for the first half of the drive and did not want to eat. Both of which are things that are not a part of my every day life. I never feel nauseous and I always want to eat. But still I told myself not to get my hopes up.

After all it was only our first month of trying.

And it was still too early to test. I was a week out from the day my period was even supposed to start.

So I waited some more.

Then I got tired of waiting.

So I tested. Too early. And got a negative.


Then the next day I tested again. Just on a whim. Only it was towards the end of the day and I forgot to check the test in the time they tell you to wait and went in over an hour later and realized I'd forgotten to look. Oops.

Only this time it wasn't all the way negative but it also wasn't positive. And I wasn't sure what it was trying to tell me. I'd read online about tests not being accurate after the allotted time. Plus that whole thing about an evaporation line. So I told myself to stop thinking about it. And that I would test again in the morning when they recommend that you test anyways.

Then I headed out to dinner with a friend. Where I turned down a drink. You know just in case.

The next morning, on Thursday September 27, I woke up early. Like way early for me. Brad hadn't even left for work yet. He couldn't figure out why I was up already. I just couldn't sleep! I had to know.

And three minutes later I did!!

Hello June Baby!!

I was so excited and rushed out of the bathroom with the test to tell Brad who luckily still hadn't left for work!

And told him, while bouncing up and down.

We were PREGNANT!!

And so excited!

Even more exciting when I realized that baby was due in June!

Thus beginning the story of June Baby!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I somehow didn't manage to take any photos on Thanksgiving.

I know, how did that even happen.

I think we were just so busy enjoying the time with family.  Preston practically disappeared to play with all of his cousins.  And me and Brad were relaxing and enjoying that he was completely entertained. 

Plus we were announcing to everyone that we were having a baby!

I did however manage to write down some of the hilarious things that were said.  What can I say, my family is hysterical.


"I told Travis that the next time he upsizes his TV I'm buying a movie theater.  This is getting out of hand."

My Grandpa talking about my Uncle's newest TV, all eighty inches of it.


"I don't always do the dishes.  But when I do, I make sure the whole family sees me!"


"I'm cleaning the things I drink out of."

My Uncle on his beer bottle.


"So Colten, when you have us over to...your car we will bring our own chairs."

My cousins car pretty much looks like he lives in it.  For real.


"No!  I'm allergic to push ups."


It was an awesome day.  Full of food, fun, and family.  And celebration! 

Guess What?!

Oh yes!

I'm pregnant!

Our family is growing!

I'm due June 7, 2013 and we couldn't be more excited!

I'll be back with more to share about finding out we were pregnant, telling Preston, announcing to family and friends, and about the last twelve weeks!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Dragon Sword

After Disney On Ice, Preston wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty since I'd told him that the dragon in the end was on his sword.

But it wasn't enough to just WATCH the scene with Prince Phillip fighting the dragon, he had to help!

My Basketball Player Games One And Two

Preston started basketball!

Through the YMCA again. Their program for kids sports is just so much better than the league he just finished soccer through.

Much more organized and enjoyable for the kids and the parents!

They do practices and games at the same time. You start with about forty-five minutes of practice and then move into a game against another team.

Preston had a blast at his first game.

During his first game, Preston scored a basket! Go Preston!! We were so excited!

He had a great time at his second game as well!

No baskets at this one, but he’s getting better at handling the ball and knowing what he’s supposed to be doing. He’s also realized that he likes to the one who passes the ball in!

The kids only play five games with the Y Winners program and something tells me that when the season is over Preston is going to want to play again!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Disney On Ice

We bought tickets to Disney On Ice and were all planning on going. But at the last minute Brad ended up having to work so he couldn't make it. Boo.

No matter, me and Preston still planned on using our tickets!

Plus my brother, his girlfriend, my little sister, and her friend came with us.

I love Disney On Ice. I've been going since I was little. My Grandpa used to take us and donate ice cream and as a result we would get "backstage" passes to meet the characters. It was pretty awesome!

Preston has been before and even though it was more of a princess theme this year we decided to go anyways!

They always have little souvenirs out to buy so we stopped on our way to our seats so Preston could pick one out.  He chose the dragon sword.  Not that it was a huge surprise, he loves swords and this one had a dragon on it!  The dragon from Sleeping Beauty even!  What can I say, I know my Disney movies!  Or at least the ones from my time.

Obviously Preston was very into it. 

They started with The Princess and the Frog.  Which was cute.  Preston has seen the movie and likes it, so he knew the story.

Next up was Cinderella.  Preston has never seen this one.  So he had a lot of questions.  He wanted to know about the storyline.  And who was who.  Having never seen it before he was intrigued and sat through all of it wondering what would happen next.

He was most concerned with why the guards didn't carry swords and shields!  Ha!  He's such a boy!

There was a brief intermission where we filled up on snacks and drinks.  And Preston posed with his new sword.

The third performance was of Tangled!  This is one of our favorites.  We've seen it a million times.  So we knew the story.  And it did not disappoint!  We really loved it when they took off flying!  It was probably both mine and Preston's favorite storyline of the night. 

At one point, Preston did jump ship and head up to sit with Kaylee. 

Me and my boy before he headed home for the night.

Added fun to the night was that the skater/actor who played Finn Ryder tweeted me!  When we got there I had tweeted that we were there and I had put Preston's chicken nuggets and french fries in the pocket of my coat because I loved him so much!  He had tweeted me back saying he was going to tell.  And then later asked what we thought of the show.  How awesome is that?  I thought so!

We had fun!  And can't wait for next year when Disney On Ice comes back again!