Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Storybook Day

Preston's preschool class celebrated Halloween with Storybook Day. The kids all dressed up as a character from their favorite book.

We did it a little bit backwards and instead let Preston pick his costume for Halloween first and then bought a book to match!

He decided he wanted to be a Storm Trooper this year, so I grabbed him a Star Wars book to bring to class...the night before. I like to be prepared! Ha!

When we got there, the kids were getting ready for the big show!

The took turns standing on the little stage and sharing who they were dressed up as and what book they'd brought with them.

My little Storm Trooper!

Afterwards the kids all stood together for a class picture.

And then we had the teachers hop in there too!

After all the pictures had been taken, we all headed downstairs so the kids could enjoy the Party part of their Storybook Party.

Until they all finished up their snacking and treats and headed away from the tables for some playing.

Or some cute photo taking!

Happy Halloween Storybook Day!

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