Sunday, September 9, 2012

We're Going To The River

My parents were out of town for the week and weekend and had given me permission to go up and use their spot on the river while they were gone.

So we did!

My sister and her boyfriend, Steven, came up too with Mason.  And Marrissa and her friend Kasey.

We didn't get up there much before dark so there wasn't a lot going on that night.

Just a campfire.

And some fighting of bedtime by two little boys.  Oh the fight to get them to sleep!  Lucky for me it wasn't my bedtime night so Brad got to do most of the fighting to get Preston to sleep!  Thank goodness, he was in quite the mood by that point.  As was that sweet little nephew of mine!

When everyone was up the next morning we wanted to head out to do some hiking but had to wait until my brother and his girlfriend got up there.

While waiting Preston and Mason entertained themselves and the rest of us with some play fighting.

Until we put an end to fighting in hopes we could keep both boys alive for the rest of the day. 

Preston and Auntie Jessie before we headed out to do some hiking!

Brad and my brother had each brought their BB guns along with them this weekend so we brought them along when we hiked.

Which meant that Preston got to shoot a BB gun for the first time!  He tried Brad's first but it's bigger and harder for him to use.  So next he tried Uncle Matt's.  Much more his size.  

He LOVED it!  It was pretty cute how seriously he took trying to hit the pop can with a BB!

Me and Jessie took a turn as well.  I don't know that I've ever shot a BB gun before!  Girly girl over here.

Preston took a turn by himself.  Doesn't he look like such a big boy?

One last time with Daddy before we got back to hiking.

We hiked down to the water a different way this time.  Jessie didn't want to try to tackle the big hill and was nervous about Mason doing it.  She did not like hearing about he'd already done it and did great and loved it!  So instead we took a small hill down to the water and then walked along the water line until we got to the beach.  It was pretty rocky but it saved time and was a little less thrilling!

Once we got there we'd planned on swimming.  Only the water was freaking freezing!  Brad, Steven, and Matt got in.  Preston and Mason got in and back out a couple of times.  I thought about it for a second and then bailed.  No thank you.

The little boys did some climbing. 

Before we all headed back.

When we got there, Jessie, Steven, Mason, Matt, Kaylee, Marrissa, and Kasey all packed up and headed home.  Leaving me, Brad, and Preston on our own.

Preston desperately wanted to swim and was not happy that the river had been too cold so we headed to the pool.  Only to get sucked into the resorts chili cook off by my parents' neighbors!

We only stayed for a little while before Preston was begging to go swimming so that's just what we did. 

Even though the pool was warm getting out was not!  So me and Preston made a run for it when it was time to get out and raced back to the trailer to take a warm shower for me and bath for him!

Then we all just hung out for a while at my parents' spot.

Clearly Preston was really good at that.

It was an early night for all of us.  After dinner we were just plain exhausted.  I went inside the trailer to lay with Preston and ended up falling asleep with him.  I know, I am just so exciting!

We were lazy the next morning and watched a movie in bed and did some cleaning up around the trailer before we finally pulled it together and headed out to explore.  We'd been told about a road not far that you could hike up and explore so we decided on that.

A hiking we went!  It was so beautiful.

We didn't go as far in as we'd planned when we started.  I started to get more and more nervous the farther in that we went.  Which started to make the whole thing more stressful than fun.  So we looked up waterfall close by and decided to head back and pack up and head there instead.

But first on our way out...

We'd just about gotten to the main road and I'd finally stopped freaking out about all of the things we could run into when Preston asked me what that was over there and pointed to our left.  I'm totally embarrassed to say that I quickly glanced that way and answered a dog.  And then as I was double taking, Brad informed us that no that was not a dog it was in fact a bear.  A freaking BEAR!  What the heck!

It was just a cub.  But still a bear.  And where there is a cub, there is a Mom.  No thank you.  After I grabbed Preston and pulled him behind us, we stood and watched the cub walk away completely frozen.  I also took a picture. 

Then as soon as it had walked in the opposite direction as us, we crossed that damn road as fast as we could and got the hell out of there. 

Looks like we're going to need a new plan for hiking the next time we head up to the river.  For sure!

Luckily the bear thing happened at the end of our weekend and not the start!

We got back to the trailer and Preston played with his new friend while me and Brad cleaned up, packed, and loaded up my Dad's truck.  Then we all got on our way to see a waterfall!

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