Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday

Preston had his third soccer practice tonight.

Brad took some awesome photos.  Now I just have to steal them from his phone!

Practice was a little bit rough.  It was just us and the coach and her son.  You can't really have a practice with only two kids.

Even worse I heard the last game didn't go much better.  Apparently we had to borrow two kids from the other team when our team pretty much gave up.

I'm interested to see how our game on Saturday goes.


All the new Fall shows are coming back.  I am so excited about that!


Speaking of Fall, I am ready.

I want to wear my sweaters.  And boots.  And jeans.  And flats.  And scarves.

Pretty much all of it.


Also the food.  Soups and big meals.  I love me some food.


My house is a disaster.  A full fledged mess.

I could have cleaned it today.

I didn't.  Instead I went to the park and lunch with Preston, my Mom, and Mason.

I'm thinking I made the right choice.


We're going to paint.  The living room.  Or more specifically the walls in the living room that are beige because I love the merlot color on the other walls.  The ones that are being painted are going to be a gray.  I haven't fully decided how dark or light it's going to be but it will be gray.

When I say we I do mean Brad.  Just so we're clear on that.  He finally agreed to do it.  Hurray!


I'm pulling out my Halloween decorations tomorrow!  I've decided it's time.

Maybe I'll even clean first!


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Unknown said...

Umm, you should totally paint it revere pewter by benjamin moor...cause I'm in love with my living room;-)