Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughts On Thursday

Preston started soccer tonight! I'll share more tomorrow, but let me just say it was awesome.


Preston starts preschool again next week.

Oh my word, we are so excited.

Preston is ready to go back and has been asking when he goes back for a couple of weeks now!

I'm ready for him to go back too! I would like to be able to go grocery shopping or deal shopping on my own! Or just run errands.

Less than a week and counting!


I'm also super stressed about getting back into the school groove.

We've gotten used to a later bedtime and waking up later all Summer.

And I'm struggling with the idea of getting us back to going to bed early and getting up early!

I know, I'm even irritating myself with that whine. First world problems.


We're going to the river again this weekend to stay up in my parents' travel trailer! I'm so excited for a weekend away relaxing and having fun!


I hate putting laundry away. Hate it! I will be on top of washing and drying it and then just have freaking baskets of it all over the laundry room. Blah!


My mouth is feeling soooooo much better!! Thank God! Dry socket was awful. Worse than actually getting my wisdom teeth pulled!


Last week we visited the new Hobby Lobby near us. Oh the awesomeness. I even got Preston some new stuff to hang up in his room! Love.

But they overcharged me! I got home and realized that they charged me twice for something because I bought one less item than I paid for. So now I have to go back. Ugh!


I really should get up and clean something. Like really.

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