Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seattle Visit

We headed over to Seattle Thursday after Brad got off work. Brad had taken Friday off so that we could have a three day weekend. Madison's second birthday party was on Saturday and we couldn't miss it!

The boys were so excited to get out of the car and stretch that they immediately staked a claim on the couch and started playing games on the iPad.

We had big plans for the weekend.

The Point Defiance zoo had spotted leopard kittens and there was no way we weren't going to go check them out.

No big deal that the Woodland Park Zoo was much closer. And me and Preston had a pass. Oh no. We were going to see those spotted leopard kittens. Plus the polar bears. And Preston had his heart set on seeing the sharks again. So we hopped in the car and drove the hour plus to get there!

Preston and Madison were very excited to get out of the car and do some climbing.

Then we headed into the zoo to see everything.  Brad and Jen had both never been to this zoo, so me, Preston, and Madison had to show them around! 

I don't know why, but I think the polar bears are just awesome.  They are one of the big draws to this zoo for me.  And so far both times that we've visited we've gotten lucky and they've been up and moving around.  At least one of them was this time.  Preston even got to get up close and personal with one!

Last time we were here we kind of spend through the walrus area.  We were in a rush to see a show and I had an ice cream cone and food wasn't supposed to go inside. For the record I would have loved to have an ice cream cone this time, but the building was closed!  Boo!

The walrus were so awesome!  Preston was totally enthralled.  They would swim around their tank and then back to the glass window and rub up against it.  Preston liked standing right there and watching them do it right in front of him.  Even when we got up top, they were putting up a show.  They would stop and pop up right in front of the viewing area and hang out for a second before making the rounds again.  And holy crap they are huge.  I didn't realize how huge!  I always pictured them to be like seal size.  Not so much!

The camel rides weren't happening this trip either and I think Brad was a little bummed.  Pretty sure he would have taken Preston on them if they had been.  Obviously for Preston's benefit and not his!  Ha!

We got to the tiger exhibit just in time for the show.

How awesome is this photo of the tiger walking out of all of the plants?  It looked so cool.  And just stood there in anticipation of playing with the toy the zookeeper was going to bring out.

We of course took advantage and took pictures with the tiger since she was standing still!

Then the fun began.  They toss this giant yellow thing in and the tiger stalks it before finally climbing into the water to get it!  Preston thought it was awesome!

Our next stop was the spotted leopard cub!  It was sleepy and slept the whole time we peeked in, but it was so adorable.  It actually looked like a little stuffed animal!

Then off to the aquarium.  I love that they chose to combine a zoo and an aquarium.  It just makes it so much more fun to see both types of exhibits!

We were all unfortunately eaten by a shark on the way in.  It was devastating, obviously.

We started on the fish side of things. But made it through pretty quickly, since everyone was way more excited to see the sharks!

When we got over to the shark side, one of the larger sharks was just chilling.  Preston actually thought it was dead when we first walked in and on first look I did too!  I don't know if it was sick?  Or just resting or what?  But no one seemed concerned so we went with it.  And it made for some awesome shark photos!  Preston was a little nervous about getting up close to it, but we managed to convince him! 

On the way out of the aquarium we saw this hurricane simulator.  Preston has been asking about hurricanes a lot lately.  He is very curious about them.  So him and Brad climbed in so he could "see" what one was like. 

After lunch we all climbed back in the car for the drive back to Seattle.  Preston was exhausted.  As evidenced by the fact that he actually took a nap.  This NEVER happens.  And go figure when he decides to take one, we're stuck in traffic on I-5.

Once we got back, Preston of course woke up.  And after sitting for a few minutes, Jen and I were off.  There was party planning and shopping to be done.

We spent the rest of the day doing just that.  And managing to get it all done.  We were starving and exhausted by the time we got back to the house, but we'd gone everywhere on the list.

Then after everyone went to bed, we started on Madison's party bags.

Not just for kids.  For the record, I would like to state that we were completely sober when we took this.  Just delirious with exhaustion!  We thought we were hilarious.

Saturday was spent, setting up for Madison's party and partying!

Sunday morning everyone met for breakfast and to hang out before heading home.

Lily and me spent some time together when she decided so was over this whole breakfast thing and ready to get down and move around.

When we got back to the house, Preston convinced Aunt Jen to play a game of soccer with him while me and Brad got everything into the car.  Or while Brad got everything into the car and I sat on the deck completely worn out.

A quick stop at Snoqualmie Falls and we were actually on our way home from a fabulous three day weekend.

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