Saturday, September 29, 2012

Say What Preston?!

"Why's Daddy always listen to you and not me Mama?!"


"Holy cow! I didn't know that!"


"This is at the Bowl and Pitcher I think...this totally is!"


Preston: "Mama check your temper tantrum!"

Me: "I'm not talking to you anymore Preston!"

Preston: "I was just kidding!"

Me: "No you weren't."

Preston: "Yes, I was! Everyone can check their tone!"

A little role reversal.


Preston: "How old do you have to be?"

Me: "I don't know baby, Daddy was eight or nine."

Brad: "It's twelve now"

Preston: "Twelve! That's not very far!"

Preston was asking about hunter's safety classes and when he could hunt because me and Brad had talked about him hunting with his Dad and Uncle when he was younger.


"Mama why does no one have to go poop at night? Because they're sleeping?"


"I'm Preston and I'm five years old!"

Introducing himself to his new friend at the river.


"I have two best friends. Cohen and Zack. They're invited to my birthday party and they get to open presents with me!"

That's true friendship!


Me: "This place is a mess! We can't live like this."

Preston: "Yes we can. You just look on the ground and watch for toys so you don't step on them."


"Mama and I think that is poison!"

The reason he can't eat foods he doesn't like.


"This is what makes me whine!"


"I'm never tired. Just to take a nap. And not to go to bed. And my naps short."


Preston: "Mommmmmmmmy come with me!"

Me: "I'm coming."

Preston: "It doesn't look like it."

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