Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quick Waterfall Trip

I mentioned that we left the river early to see to make a stop at a waterfall with Preston.

We started to worry that we'd missed our turn when we couldn't get the apps on our map to work because we'd lost internet.

But we found it!

It wasn't a huge one, but Preston is so obsessed with waterfalls right now that he didn't care!

After taking it in for a few minutes we took a couple of photos.  There was a giant rock right there so we hopped up so we could get the waterfall in the background.

Before climbing back down so Preston could look at it some more.  And I could talk him into a few more photos.

We walked around the area a little bit to take in the view from different spots.

And to take some more photos.

We'd plan on staying a little longer, but Preston was making me and Brad both a nervous wreck.   He just kept trying to get too close and didn't seem to realize how dangerous it could be if he fell.  We did some talking about that when we got back in the car.  We're trying to help him realize that he's not invincible without completely terrifying him.

I'm thinking we might have to start looking for different waterfalls around our area to explore while Preston is so into them!

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