Monday, September 24, 2012

Madison's Second Birthday Party

Madison turned two and had a Mickey party! No surprise there since she is obsessed with Mickey. And she was very specific. Not Minnie, no she wanted Mickey!  So that's just what she got!

Enjoying her party guest!  Jen found these huge blow up Mickey and Minnie balloons, they were awesome!

The cake and food tables.  Jen got the idea for using vases filled with candy on Pinterest and I love it!  I'm so copying the idea for one of our next parties!

Once all of the party was set up, the guests began to arrive and the fun began!

Madison bounced from area to area being quite the birthday girl and having so much fun!

Mommy and the birthday girl!  And Madison's sucker, it was a pretty consistent party favor!

Preston enjoyed stealing my camera and snapping some photos too.  When he wasn't bouncing or being conned into smiling for photos by me! 

Madison was so excited when it was time for her to blow out the candles on her cake!

Happy second birthday Mads!

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