Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

My parents bought a new toy.  Something they've been talking about buying for years.

A thirty-one foot travel trailer!  That sleeps ten with two bunk beds in the back, a table that folds down to a full size bed, a couch that folds out to a full size bed, and a queen bed in the back.

They picked it up Friday night and Saturday headed up to the spot they'd rented on the river for the weekend.

We of course headed up to meet them.  We almost didn't, but at the last minute decided to head up there and check it out.

I'm glad we did!

We got up there just after they did and Brad helped them set up the trailer, with the help of some of the people who live up there for the season.  Thank goodness for the friendliness of them or we would have made quite a few mistakes.  By we I mean my parents and Brad!  Ha!

We spent the rest of the afternoon settling in, meeting some of my parents neighbors up there, and checking out the resort.

It took my Mom all of a few minutes to decide that this was not going to be a one weekend deal and sign to rent the spot for the entire next season.  The resort was awesome and gave her the rest of this year for free!  So we have a new weekend hang out spot until October and then all of next Spring and Summer!!

My parents neighbors, George and Bonnie, were awesome!  Before dinner they offered to take us all out on their boat to see the river.  We didn't even have to think about it before we decided to take them up on it!  Yes please!  We were pretty glad we'd brought Preston a life jacket from home!

Preston was a little nervous at first and it got a little bit chilly at the end but we were so grateful to get to get out on the water and see the river! It's beautiful up there!

We got back from our little trip out on the water with my parents convinced they are going to need a boat for next Summer!  SCORE!

We had dinner, headed down to check out the movie the resort set up on the beach (Despicable Me!), Preston stayed up way too late, we hung out by the fire, Preston pretended like he was going to sleep in one of the bunk beds, and finally we went to bed!  A quiet first night at the river!

We didn't have much time to hang out in the morning.  It was our annual family Summer party at my Grandpa's condo and we needed to run home, get showered, ready, I had to make our appetizer, and we had to head up there!

It was busy!  And we were late.  Not that surprising, I'm always late!

Preston had a blast!  He practiced swimming on his own.  And swimming with his puddle jumper.  He just plain loved swimming.

Several hours of family time and fun later we were packing back up to head from the condo to the river.

I'd asked Jessie if I could take Mason with us for the night and she'd quickly said yes.  I knew Preston would love having the play mate and Mason would love exploring seeing Grandpa and Grandma's spot on the river! 

This was how we spent the drive there.  Preston on the iPhone and Mason on the iPad.  It started out the other way around but Preston offered to trade after Mason said he didn't know how to play the games on the iPhone.  Such a sweet boy!

We stopped along the way at a pull off on the river to let the boys out to stretch their legs.  Plus we'd stopped there the day before and Preston had asked and been promised that we would stop again!

Isn't it beautiful?

And aren't they adorable!?! 

We got back to the river not long before dark so we didn't have any day left to explore the area of do any hiking.  But my brother and his girlfriend were coming up.  And Marrissa had headed up with my cousin Maycie with my parents so there were more than enough of us to keep each other entertained.

Since there would be no hiking we dressed to play outside and sit by the campfire.  Only the boys decided they would rather play army men inside.

They even got to use the tiny little bathtub inside the trailer bathtub!  Not much room but they didn't seem to mind.  They just thought it was cool to get to take a bath in the trailer!

I dressed the boys in their jammies and we realized that by chance me and my sister had packed them both Toy Story jammies and had opposite colored tops and bottoms.

Of course that meant I had to take pictures!

This is how the boys read their bedtime stories for the night.  We'd forgotten to bring books and the trailer being new and all meant there were no books up there yet.  Luckily the iPad is loaded with kids books!  So the boys settled into bed and I pulled a book up for them to listen to!

Even Bennie had to get in on the bedtime action!

That wasn't the only bedtime action Bennie got in on that night either!  Out of all of the beds he had to choose from Bennie decided to sleep with me that night.  I woke up a little bit chilled and rearranged my blankets on me and Mason (me and Brad split beds between the two little boys).  While doing that I realized poor Bennie was cold.  Sad face!  So I called him over and he climbed in under the covers with me and snuggled up.  It was so stinkin' cute!  He was so tired too that once he got in under the covers he was out.  Now if only my Mom would just let us have Bennie!

Before bed (I got a little ahead of myself) my Dad, Brad, and I were sitting out by the fire enjoying the quiet.  When two boys from a neighboring campsite decided to go out for a midnight boat ride on their parents boat.  They paddled in out from the dock with a flashlight.  Then started it once they got a little ways out.  Slowly drove it out a little farther.  Then chickened out.  They turned it around and headed back.  Much smarter choice.  They also crashed it into the dock.  Way to go boys!

These  little boys got a good nights sleep!  And woke up happy to see each other!

It was decided that since we had most of the day to hang out up there before heading home we were going hiking!  There is more than enough area to explore and that's what we were going to do.

George (my parents neighbor) had told us about an old train bridge that was worth exploring and how to go up and over to get back to the resort after walking through it.

Away we went.

We stopped and took a few photos while we were in the tunnel.

The tunnel.

My brother and myself.

Then the actual hiking started.  It was beautiful.  Just gorgeous.  And a fabulous day for hiking.  Preston has gotten so much hiking in with Brad this Summer that he did awesome.  Way better than I expected him too.  Not only did he keep up but a lot of the time he was leading with Brad.  Even Mason did great!  I wasn't sure how good he would do since he hasn't done a lot of hiking but he was so excited and his little legs kept up!

We got all the way up to the top of the area that we were heading and then realized we weren't entirely sure how to get down.  After some walking around and searching we finally picked a route.  Only it involved a pretty steep walk down.  Which might not have been rough except we had Preston and Mason with us.  Brad took Mase and I took Preston and we led the way for everyone else.  I am proud to say that Mason walked down at least two thirds of the hill!  Not bad!  And Preston walked down all of it!  Look at those little boys go!  The only one who fell was my Dad!  Ha!

When we finally got down to a lower area I forced everyone to stop and take a photo!  Not too shabby considering the camera was held by me and there were nine of us!

Can you tell Preston was having a good time?

We got back to finding out a path down and decided to change our destination from being getting back to the train tracks to getting down to the beach!

We made it down to the beach!

We hung out for a while on the beach skipping rocks and just enjoying the pretty.

Until it was time to head back up the hill to the railroad tracks.

It was kind of nice to be back at that trailer so that the boys could race around for a little bit.  Hiking with them was a little nerve racking.  Not because of the hiking but because it's real hiking.  With wild animals.  For example bears, moose, and cougars.  We'd been warned by some of the people at the resort so we knew to be careful and didn't venture into the actual forest since we were unprepared.  It was also why both of the boys were kept right next to me or Brad or one of my parents the entire time.

After a little bit of a rest and some lunch, we headed back to the spot we'd stopped at on the beach to swim.  It was freezing so no one lasted very long.  Before we opted to head back and swim in the pool instead.

We didn't have to much longer to play as the day was ending and it was time to pack up and head home.

Of course for me that meant dragging these two away from a game on the iPad to get them going!

And dragging Preston away from his new friend, George and Bonnie's grandson who is less than a year apart from Preston!

Mason slept the whole way home and even Preston was worn out by the end of the day.  An awesome Labor Day weekend was had by all of us!  And we are looking forward to getting back up there next weekend!

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